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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Moving Forward A Little at a Time - RunLog 6-14-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Today was a good day, Mr. Achilles wasn't complaining too much and when I got to doing my warm-up, dare I say he wasn't complaining.

So I went out and ran 10 miles at an 8:00 minute pace.

Yeah right Harold.

You couldn't do that before you were injured, so there is no way in hell you are gonna do it almost a month later, especially with that added padding around the middle that is forming.

Actually, the leg felt pretty reasonable, I think that I have found the right balance (for me) of strengthening exercises, rest, walking, heating pad and yes, dare I say running to conservatively move forward.

Again, I worked on landing lightly, lifting the quads and attempting to pull the trailing leg back a lot more. I wasn't able to do it for long, but it did feel good. However, the leg wasn't hurting when I got over towards Randall, so I decided to push the distance by about .5, nothing too serious. I did pick up the pace a little in a couple of places, but nothing drastic.

I just ran comfortably and well within myself.

Could I have gone further, sure, but I am really attempting to be smarter this time and not simple reinjure myself as a result of Harold being Harold.

All I know is for the first time since that fateful day back in May, after a run I was able to walk without limping.

Days like this give me hope that I will be back sooner than later -- well as long as I don't attempt to go out and run 10 miles at an 8:00 minute pace.

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