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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Putting Things In Perspective - RunLog 6-4-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yeah, my Left Achilles is still being a pain-in-the-arse. I attempted to come back on Monday/Tuesday and did too much too soon, a classic case of the TMTS condition that I am king of. Yeah, whatever.

So the Achilles was still barking a bit louder than it should and like an idiot on Thursday I was walking again without too much discomfort, so (yeah I never seem to learn), I just had to see if a certain pair of a shoes were part of the solution or part of the problem. I wore them to work and within an hour, I had to take them off, something in my left ankle/Achilles area had tightened back up and was feeling pretty miserable.

At least someone in the house is pretty damn smart, when Mary saw me putting on the shoes I had been whining about earlier, she told me to bring an extra pair just in case they bothered me. I am glad that I am married to a smart woman, I have a feeling she saved me from being really miserable and an even longer on the shelf time.

That choice of mine to see if the shoes were part of the problem (they were), landed me another few days of no running (no way, no how) and finally today the leg is feeling pretty good.

A beautiful spring day that would have been perfect for a nice run - ggggrrrrrrr ;-)
I was able to do a mile walk with Bennie, mow the lawn (it takes about 1.5 hours), cleaned out the garage a little (got rid of a bunch of old running shoe boxes)

and then for the first time in a couple of years - actually got out the old mountain bike and did 4.0 miles on it. I would hate to imagine what it would have been like if I wasn't in decent shape already. As it was the legs didn't like me (but the left leg was fine) and they were more than a little shaky when I got off.

I might have done intervals and a little sprint work at the end.

"They" say bike riding is a good way to stay in shape when you can't run and while I do pretty good, it ain't running. No, I am not luvin the bike and probably never will, but I will do it until I can hit the roads again as a runner.

Now for the perspective.

While the Achilles/left ankle issues are an inconvenience and limit my running to pretty minimal levels for now, I can still do a lot! There is not a lot of pain (more discomfort level stuff), I am not wearing a boot, there is no plan to see medical professionals over this, no surgeries in the event horizon are planned or any of those other things. It is one of those tendonitis/tendonosis (mystery tendon pain that doesn't go away) things that will clear up pretty much when it clears up.

It just hurts enough that I can't run through it.

So when I look at the big picture, it is a chance for my body to relax, heal up all the other over-use stuff that is going on, practice riding a bike again, lift some weights, use the inversion table more and walk as much as Bennie and I can stand it.

I have a feeling that at some point I will finally get it through my head, that the faster speeds, which I can still do occasionally and surprises me more than anyone, just ain't good as a steady diet anymore.

Unfortunately, as much as the body keeps telling me that, I still want to run those paces and that is what gets me in so much trouble, because I can still get up to the speeds I want for a short distance, so that means that if I just train a little more I can maintain those faster speeds for even longer - seems pretty reasonable to this old fart.

Damn I just want to get back to semi pain-free running again.

Yeah right, it just is too much like a scene from Ground Hog's Day, I keep repeating the same training mistakes over and over again. That too much, too soon and I need to add in too fast.


  1. I'm dealing with a knee issue my self. So many races and I'm sitting at home.
    This too shall pass.

    1. Yeah, I know it shall pass and I will get back out there again, full of piss and vinegar :-). Now if that little 2 inch section in the back of my heel, would simple stop talking nasty to me things would be just about fine.

  2. Ugh - still catching up and sad to hear that after your 'stupid is ...' post that things only got worse :( Yeah, it will get better and you'll be back at it, but still ... sucks.

    That said, I had to laugh about Mary and 'extra shoes' - Lisa is at a new job and no longer wears 'hospital shoes' and tries to wear a variety of shoes that she probably shouldn't based on the condition of her feet and ankles (and associated tendons, etc). So about every other morning I tell her to bring 'backup shoes', and more than a couple of times (after initially complaining, of course) she thanked me at night!

    Honestly looking at Lisa worries me about you and other 'frequently injured' running friends - as her ortho doctor and PT have noted, the body's ability to come back from injury is finite, and for her, the three main ankle ligaments/tendons are so stretched and played out that there is simply no way back, she gets easier and easier to injure. Pretty scary, really ... but not surprising to me, sadly.

    Good luck with the recovery .... and don't be STOOPID! :)

    1. Yeah, at some point the injuries will catch up to me and not heal the way they have in the past, at that point, I will have to either suck it up and just deal with it (which is what I do now for a couple of things) if I want to keep running or stop running and find something else that doesn't bother whatever is bothering as much. However, I gotta believe now is not that time ;-)

      The other problem is that I am good at stoopid hehehehe


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