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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tech is Great When it Works - RunLog 6-25-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Running with Bennie this morning was tough.

For the first mile it was fine, after that he lost interest and was the anchor today, instead of it being me. Once we got back to the top of Blake Hill and Mary turned around to run with us, he perked up a little. Then by the time we got back tot he house he was ready to keep going.

Strange little beastlet.

As we were getting back on the the tar by the Steven's house, I looked down to see how we were doing and saw that my Garmin had stopped -- again. The auto-pause screwed up when we first started out again and then somewhere right after we met up with Mary it screwed up again.

That little short cut would have taken me through a pretty nasty bog and stuff, so I don't think that is the way we went.

So when I got home, I uploaded the data from today's run and did a reboot of the whole system to see if that solves the problem. I hope it does because I like the watch, but if it keeps messing up like this, I will go back to my old FR10. It might be slow to acquire the satellites, but it was always pretty rock solid when it comes to reasonable accuracy.

My Garmin 310XT is only a year old, but build-wise it probably sat in storage for a long time and was built several years ago before I bought it on clearance.

Technology is great when it works, but a pain in the arse when it ain't. :-)

There were a couple of races that I really wanted to do this weekend in Fairfield today and the Rail Trail tomorrow, that I am not even going to go to, because I would be too tempted to run. Then I would probably run too hard and be 5 steps backwards, instead of the usual 2.

Oh well, a good run, finished up mowing the edges between the lawn and the woods and now to get ready to go down to Portland to see the Sea Dogs and Yoan Moncada. I wonder if he will turn out as good as the reports say he will.

Busy day, but a good one.

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