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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Time for A Blog Theme Update

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Since I haven't been running and writing about it all that much lately, (yeah, injuries suck), it has given me time to look at, think about and heaven forbid do some research on how I want my blog to look going forward.

I have been using a blogger theme, with a bunch of tweaks, but like most Blogger themes there is only so much you can do with it. It is in my opinion the one true weakness of the Blogger platform. Their stock themes are really boring.

Also it seems that "everyone" has gone to a minimalist look (I know a generalization). You know, lots of white space, with a lot of gray, white and shades in between, with a few color highlights...you know an easy to read blog that meets with the "expert" blogger's recommendations on how we should be doing things with our blogs.

Which if you are going to be a problogger is great, but I ain't worried about that. So to my way of thinking, there are so many "minimalist look" blogs it gets kind of boring going to multiple sites and seeing pretty much the same look with minor variations.

I wanted something with character, a little color and more of a magazine feel than what I had.

Screen shot from BTemplates
So I explored the Internet for "free" Blogger themes, found a bunch that I liked, looked at them closer and ended up choosing the first theme that I downloaded. That usually seems the way things work.

The thing I dislike about the so-called "free" themes are that you really don't have a clue with what is actually embedded into the code. While I looked through it and didn't see anything that jumped out at me that was nasty, it doesn't mean that nothing is in there, but...I have used the site where I downloaded it from before without issues.

That is why I chose something a little different looking from the norm or what the experts might recommend. I wanted something a little colorful but not so bright that it burnt out your eyeballs when you opened the page.

My new theme Dinata, without the slides, still has plenty of white space for good readability, but also has some character and color to it.

I have been working on cleaning up the code (I hate this part), to meet my needs and how I want the theme to look/work. The header needs to be improved, it is kind of boring, but to do it I have to re-work the H1 section because they had some specialty stuff in there that made it only half-way across. Not a high-priority, but something that I want to improve.

So I am about 70% done with the update and will be doing a little bit as I go forward to finish it up.

Let me know if anything doesn't work or if you have an idea to make it better.



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