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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trying the UMA Trails for a Bit - RunLog 6-21-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yep, another warm one, temps over 80, but a nice breeze, so I got to work on getting my sweat on.

I really wanted to go to Quarry Road tonight, but decided that if I haven't run a 5.0 miler comfortably in more than a month, going to an 8K trail race...well it wouldn't be a good idea. You know that once the gun goes off, the temptation to do more than the leg is ready to do, especially with that BFH in the middle of the course.

Which meant that I went ran during my lunch at work and went straight home and relaxed again tonight.

I have a bit of a streak going and the leg is doing pretty good. However, nothing is at faster paces. Oh I might get going, but the leg pretty quickly reminds me that going faster, just is not being smahter.

For the run I decided to see how the leg would do on a groomed trail section. Which meant getting warmed up on the tar section and then heading down the field into UMA Trails, but I decided to avoid the hills section.

I am noticing a pattern -- that as soon as I hit trails or dirt roads, that I seem to automatically slow down, it is not something I am doing consciously, but I seem to be a bit meechy lately, when it comes to changing terrain.

Now that I have become aware of it, I can do a little more about this trend I am starting to see.

Overall, it was a decent run and I learned something that I hadn't thought about before, so hopefully some good will come of this realization. Also, I feel pretty good about not going to Quarry Road and avoiding one of those Harold being Harold things that I am so famous for doing.

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