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Monday, June 13, 2016

Two Days in a Row - 6-13-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Hey, I ran today, so that makes it 2 days in a row!


However, it ain't fun sometimes.

Let's get to the reality of what is going on.

The Left Achilles is barking, not nearly as loudly as last week, but still not as quiet as I want it to be.

Which means as much as I want to run with Bennie first thing in the morning - it ain't happening. The leg needs to get stretched out for a while, before I start subjecting it to that morning run with the Bean. So we walked our usual 3/4 of a mile and things were just okay. Yeah, it was barking a little bit.

However, when I got ready to go to lunch, the Achilles had loosened up quite a bit and wasn't bothering nearly as much, so I went to the UMA Workout Center, rolled around on the torture device, bit my lip so I wouldn't scream like the old neighbor's kid did on the trampoline, did some cals and thought that the leg felt good enough to go for an easy mile.

It is progress, Friday it started to bother at about the .80 mark and was bad enough that after the run, I couldn't run on Saturday. Yesterday's mile plus was less discomforting, but still when I got around to doing that extra .25 the last .10 was pushing the limits of good taste or is that listening to the vile noise and stuff coming from Mr. Achilles.

So I kind of expected him to be a bit whiney this morning.

Surprisingly, I felt pretty good and my pace was a bit quicker than I have been doing in a while, without trying. Basically, I was focusing on a mid foot landing going through the big toe and pulling up with my quads a little more, then kicking back with the leg. Yeah, I got tired pretty quick, because I haven't been running that way for a long time.

It has been more old man slog with rapid leg turnover to get any kind of speed at all. So we will see how I incorporate these kind of changes into my running hurt or help.

Yeah, Mr. Achilles talked to me after the run, but it was more murmuring than yelling and screaming WTF are you doing.

So I am moving forward, even though it is very slow progress and frustrating that I can only do 1 mile at a time.

However, I know I will get it back soon enough.

Patience grasshopper, hmmm I wonder how chocolate covered grasshoppers would taste hehehehe, not much patience here, but I am still gonna have some fun.

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