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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Injury Recovery Danger Zone- RunLog 6-8-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

The most dangerous day when coming back from injury (no matter what sport or how you did it), in my unprofessional opinion, with no particular expertise other than my own experiences with a multitude of injuries - is that first morning that I can walk without discomfort.

You know, that day you get out of bed, walk to the bathroom and while doing your business, you realize "Hey, my foot, leg or whatever has been bothering you, didn't and isn't.

Then while you are walking the dog for his morning constitutional, your injured body part is not talking nasty to you and calling you all sorts of interesting names, because you are forcing it to move, bear weight or walk up the road, while attached to a spastic Jack Russell Terrier.

This morning was THAT morning for me.

It made me smile and think about how far I could run today.

Foolish boy.

This is specifically the day, when I need to take at least one, probably two more days off - if I was a smart runner, who is going to recover (finally) from this bout of tendonitis (mystery pain in the Achilles/Ankle area), that is exactly what I would do.

No one ever said I was overly smart, but at least I recognize what I should be doing and putting it in words before I chose to do something stoopid. That way, I can look back with 20/20 hindsight and say "You really are a dumbshit Harold", if I go out and run today and set myself back another 2 weeks.

Ideally, I will just walk Bennie on his morning walk, lift some weights/use my inversion table in the back of the garage, go to the gym at lunch and do 5 minute rotations on the stationary bike and ARC trainer, then do some foam rolling - then stop.

That is what I should do.

However, I really, really want to run!!!


  1. I think that the thing to try to internalize is the basic question ... is it worth running 1 day now when you're 'on the cusp' and running the significant risk of it costing you 1-2 weeks more recovery? The answer is obvious ... but the issues is we don't often ask ourselves the question!

    This April when I was sick I kept trying to run again when I was probably ~75% better, which kept kicking my butt ... ugh.

    So - today you are a WICKED SMAHT runner :)

    1. Sometimes if I write about thinking about being stoopid, I get it out of the brain and don't stew over it quite as much.

      So far so good, I did walk 2.0 miles with Bennie and didn't run. The leg only bothered slightly and then nothing over a 2-3 on the discomfort scale, so progress is being made.

      Not used to this being Smaht stuff hehehe


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