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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yeah - Two Miles Again - RunLog 6-15-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

When I don't get home from work until 8:00 PM or so, doing a runlog post usually ain't at the top of my todo list and last night was no exception. I didn't even try to do one - I was fried and just needed to chill out until time for bed at 10:00.

However, this morning I am feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, so I get to write about yesterday's runs. ;-P

Yeah, runs.

Run #1

I wanted to see how the leg would hold up to a Bennie run and then Mary decided that if I was only going to go a mile or so, that she wanted to come too. "AS LONG AS WE DIDN'T GO TOO FAST"!!! TheWife has been under the weather the past few days and wanted to get back out there too.

I enjoy running with Mary, but we run at different paces and running with Bennie also brings a whole different running style into the picture (Bennie Intervals). It was not a fast run (probably a good thing), lots of Bennie stops, lots of Bennie tugging on the harness and looking back at us with that "well come on!" look.

We got to the mile turn-around, shut-it-down and walked back. No issues with the leg from being hauled along by the Bean and the best part was that Mary and I got to spend time together, talk and just enjoy down-back together. It was one of those top-10 mornings kind of thing.

Run #2

My first real double since I got injured, so I was interested in how the body was going to hold up. It was my usual lunch run and I decided that I was going to see how 2.0 miles felt. I did a little warm-up, lazed around on the foam roller and then ran the course I ran Tuesday backwards. It is a bit more challenging in that direction.

I never really loosened up, but at the same time my left leg never felt too bad either. When I got back to the Civic Center, I decided to add on the field to the run which would get me over the 2.0 mile mark.

The entire run wasn't about speed or anything, it was all about getting a couple of miles in and then seeing how the leg felt last night and this morning.

Something I am doing different since Monday is I am wearing my compression socks throughout the day and whether it is actually helping or not, or whether it is because the leg is simply finally healing. Since I started wearing the socks, my left leg is letting me do a little more each day, with less pain/discomfort. I know - not very scientific, but...if is working for me I ain't gonna stop doing it.

Now to keep the mileage between 1.5 to 2.5 at a time for the rest of the week and not try to be a speed burner, maybe I can get back to semi-normal running for me in a couple of weeks.

All I know is it felt good to run 2.0 miles again and still be able to walk after I got done. The best part was waking up this morning and walking Bennie on that first walk of the day without limping down the road...it has been a while.

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