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Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Couple of Zone 2 Runs - RunLog 7-9-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

My Weekly Guide for July, as I build up my base again.
Easy Run (30:00) or Day off
Easy Run: 45:00
Hill Workout:
5 x 1:00 @
5K effort not pace w/jog/walk down recovery
Easy Run: 45:00 + strides
Tempo Run Run: 10:00 @ goal 5K pace + 30 seconds/mile
Easy Run: (30:00) or X-Training (45:00)
Long Run: 60:00

Time of Day:
10:53 AM

No weigh-in on Saturdays
Temp: 64*F
Humidity: 96%
Light Mist
6 mph South

Run #1

Zone: 2
Intensity: 0.86
Type of Run: Easy with Bennie (which means some intervals)

Course: Town Office 4.0 Miler
Town/City: Sidney
Ran with: Bennie

Mile Splits




Run #2

Distance: 2.01
Duration: 17:19
Pace: 8:37
Zone: 2
Intensity: 0.89
Type of Run: Steady State Run - Wanted to have a Zone 3 run

Course: 2 Laps On Top
Town/City: Sidney
Ran with: Myself

Mile Splits


Notes/Observations about the run:

Run #1
Running with Bennie was a usual an adventure. The stops, starts, vehicle intervals all make a "routine" run with Bennie anything but routine. This morning was not exception, I got three quality intervals in and then a few start/stops that just aggravate me to no end. You are running along pretty good and then stop, then 10 feet down the road another one. Grrrr...but these runs with Bennie are supposed to be more for him than me and sometimes I forget that, especially when I have a pretty good pace going and it is interrupted.

Yeah, you notice something no whining about the left leg...yet. We were going right along and then going up Stevens Hill Bennie decided that it was time to do his tug-o-war with the leash, from behind and to the right - which I hate! That is why the huge slow down happened there even though I was working my arse off going up the hill dragging along a damn dawg, who thinks it is play time.

Of course once we almost got to the tar, one of the neighbors pulled out their driveway and Bennie went from play to chase mode. Notice the steep pace change on the graph from around 11:00 to sub 8:00. The he decided go into play mode again. I noted this a couple of weeks ago, but today I am pretty confident in what I am going to say.

When Bennie goes into leash tug-o-war mode, it bothers my left leg and is part of the reason that I am taking so long to recover from this bout of tendinitis. However, at the same time, I ain't a gonna stop running with Bennie, so just gonna have to go into suck it up mode on that one.

Run #2

After getting done with Bennie, I really didn't feel like I was done and wanted to do a couple more. So I sat for about 10 minutes, did a little stretching and decided to go back out. I wanted to see if I could get into my zone 3 (sub 8:30) for the 2.0 miles. I misjudged and started out a little too slow, but at the same time it was one of those confidence builder runs.

I ran comfortably and was able to pick up the pace once I realized how slow I was going on that first half mile. Fortunately, my left leg was feeling pretty good and without Bennie tugging me sort of sideways on my left foot plant, there wasn't any discomfort.

I can tell that I am out of shape though, because my pace is so damn inconsistent, looking at the graph gives me a lot of good information on what I need to work on...

yeah hills.

Not something I didn't know, but at the same time going up them, I still can't get a good toe off, without stretching the Achilles and the Achilles starting to tell me it ain't quite ready for hard push-off yet.

I guess I am still 3-4 weeks out from speed work and hard hill work, but at least I am starting to run a little faster every so often.

Oh yeah, Bennie ordered my Birthday present yesterday, so in August just about the time I can start running a bit faster if things keep going well, I will have something to motivate me along by the initials of LT2, which I have always wondered about, ever since my last run with Sam W and he showed me the LT1's and raved about how great they were. I trust his judgment and what works for him usually does pretty well on my feet. Time will tell.

Believe it or not, I actually hit 30 miles for the week --- yippee
Aches and Pains:
Left Leg - better
Hamstrings - just a little niggle
Shoes Used:
Nike Lunar Glide 7
Remarks: No issues, didn't really even think about them.

Weekly Run Total:
Monthly Run Total:
Year-to-Date Total:

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