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Monday, July 11, 2016

Back to Work Today - RunLog 7-11-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Date: 7/11/16
Day: Monday
Time of Day: 6:10 AM
Weight: 166
Temp: 56**
Humidity: 89%
Weather: Clear w/Sunshine
Winds: N 3-5 mph
Sleep: 6.5

Run #1
Planned Distance: 2-3
Type of Run: Early morning shake-out run = slow and easy
Distance: 3.03
Duration: 27:14
Pace: 9:00
Ran with: Bennie
Course: Home 3.0 Miler
Town/City: Sidney

Strava Graph Screen shot

Mile Splits

Zone 1
Zone 2

Zone 3
Zone 4

Zone 5
Zone 6
6:59 - 6:40

Zone 7


Notes/Observations about the run:
Unfortunately, vacation is now over in an hour I will be winging my way, well driving into Augusta to start the workweek, not a bad thing, but the weather finally broke and the sun is shining again. It makes me want to do other things a lot more than heading into the "Cave", but it is what it is.

I figured that I had better run this morning, because the first day back from vacation, you never know what you will run into and while I know that I will get a lunch break at some point this afternoon, whether I will have the ummpphhh to go for a run during it, remains to be seen. So I was out the the door at 6:10 AM, telling the body that it had to move.

Needless to say, it wasn't too impressed with me that first mile and when you add in Bennie's propensity of running fast then stopping on a dime - not fun, as you can see by the graph it was not our most consistent . I don't know what he was looking at or seeing that I couldn't but he went hell bent for leather towards the bottom of the hill. It was just as if he was doing a vehicle interval, he moved over to the side of the road sped up like a son of gun, held it for about 50 yards and then slowed back down???

Ghost ride I guess, but who knows with the Bean.

Coming back up the hill, I really thought that I was going a lot faster than I was, but that 10:00 plus pace on the graph doesn't lie. Oh well, someday I will run well up the hills again.

Although when a neighbor went by we did get into hyperdog mode for a ways and then I picked it up a bit over on Howard Circle, even though Bennie didn't understand why we were speeding up (we were not chasing anything) and attempted to slow us down by pulling backwards on the leash.

Aches and Pains:
Left Leg - Was still there and didn't want to wake-up/loosen-up this morning, it definitely didn't like the idea of running faster! Although by the third mile, it was loose enough to pick it up to an 8:30 mile. Getting there
Hamstrings - Once we got going no problems, just need to start doing Yoga again - nothing serious.

Shoes Used:
Nike Lunar Glide 7
Remarks: No issues.


  1. Sorry your vacation is over ... as it is I have been tormented looking at the Timehop app on my phone at all of our great vacation pictures from years past (we always go late June / early July ) ... but now with two kids in private colleges, well ... we're saving for a trip to Europe next year for our 25th.

    Glad you got the time off and continue to heal up - even if not everything is fully back to full strength yet ... it will get there.

    Funny with dogs - Terriers are just amazing balls of nose, instinct and energy! I love seeing even our old fogey dogs when there is a bunny hanging out in the yard or a squirrel at the bird feeder!

    Happy Monday! :)

    1. Thanks Mike, yeah time to get back to work, vacations are not travel or trips anymore, they are more about spending quality time with Mary...I understand about the kids in college routine, it is not easy.

      Yeah you got that right on the Terriers and this one is full of energy too, now that he is feeling better. :-)

      At least we didn't need the gloves, but I did have my long sleeve shirt on this morning. It wasn't cold, just brisk


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