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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beating the Heat - RunLog 7-6-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Sort of a Weekly Guide for July, whilst I build up my base again and is dependent on how the Left Leg feels.

Easy Run (30:00) or X-Training (45:00)
Easy Run: 45:00
Hill Workout:
5 x 1:00 @
5K effort w/jog down recovery
Easy Run: 45:00 + strides
Tempo Run Run: 10:00 @ goal 5K pace + 30 seconds/mile
Easy Run: (30:00) or X-Training (45:00)
Long Run: 60:00

Time of Day:
7:32 AM
Wednesday - 7/6/16
Ran with:
Bennie, last mile Mary
Distance Run: 4.01
Duration: 38:48
Actual Pace: 9:41
Intensity:  0.79
Based on 7:40 pace
Type of Run:
*Easy w/3 hill repeats
*3 Phone pole strides
Race Results:
RW Age Grade Calc:
Zone: 1
Temp: 66*F
Weather: Clear/Humid
Winds: Calm
Felt: Good

Course: Bartlett O/B 4.0 miler
Town/City: Sidney

Graph Screen shot
Mile Splits Hill Repeats




Notes/Observations about the run: It was forecast to be hot, as in almost 90's and humid, so we decided to get ahead of the heat and run first thing this morning. Not a big fan of this running before the body is awake thing, but I wanted to ensure that Bennie got his run in before it got stupid hot.

Actually, everything felt pretty good heading out, the left leg wasn't barking too much and the hammies were mostly quiet, so I figured that I would be able to do some of the hill work that I have scheduled for Wednesday's today. The temps were pretty good and as long as we stayed in the shady parts, the running felt good.

Unfortunately, one of the issues about running down-back this time of year is HORSEFLIES!!! The little buggers take chunks (or at least that is how it feels when they nibble), I know that every time we had to stop for a Bennie stop they would swarm around us and do battle. At least 8 of the winged horrors died valiantly in battle with the old warrior and mangy beast and will not rise again.

I decided to do the hill work on my Arch-Nemisis - Steven's Hill, it is the hill that I just seem to have a mental block about running well up. Not to mention that my fat-ass is horribly out of shape right now and just coming back up it on a regular run I have been lucky to break 10:00 pace most of the time - even before my injury.

The first repeat was more of a testing out of how the left leg would handle going up the hill a little faster. I did the .1 mile stretch in just under a minute, but nothing broke or complained too much, the second I screwed up the lap thing on my watch, so I don't know how fast it actually was, but the effort felt a little stronger than the first one. Going back down the third time, I decided that I wasn't going to chance things too much today although I had planned on 5 repeats, it was starting to get warmer, where I was running was more in the sun and this would be my last hill repeat of the day. I went a little faster and pushed all the way to the upper gate with a 47.9.

It was getting hotter and more humid, so at that point I slogged it back to the tar. About the corner I could see Mary coming at us and she turned and said I have one more lap left. I looked at Bennie he was doing fine and we did the last mile with her. He was a butthead for the most part, wanting to pull on the leash, barking at us to hurry-up and just generally being obnoxious Bennie. Which means he is feeling better!!!

Once we finished up the 4.0 miles, I dropped Bennie in the house and went back down to do some untimed, effort-based telephone pole strides until Mary finished up her run. I got 3 in, none fast, but I worked on getting the awkwardness out of my stride when moving a bit faster. The third one I did pick it up a little more and could feel a definite pulling on the Achilles so I shut it down and walked up the driveway with Mary.

Nope, I know that I am not ready for any speedwork yet!!!!

However, the leg is getting better slowly but surely - I just have to keep on that balance between running faster, strengthening things and not re-injuring the leg.

Aches and Pains:
Left Leg getting better, but definitely can feel it when I stretch things out to my normal stride
Hamstrings still there, but not as sore as they have been in the past.

Shoes Used:
Nike LunarGlide7
Remarks: Didn't think about them during the run, just liking the way they fit and feel. I do notice the transition back to tar and when running with Mary, how quiet I was running in them even though it was not up to regular speeds. Usually, I clomp along when running slower.

Weekly Run Total:
Monthly Run Total:
Year-to-Date Total:


  1. Yeah, think that was smart doing the run early - I like that pre-dawn time during the summer, and even had to wear light gloves a couple of weeks ago. Of course yesterday and today it was 70 and 64 at 4AM, so ...

    Glad you're making progress back!

    1. A little later in the week it is going to get back to lower 50's at night again, so better weather is on the way. I just can't get myself out of bed at 4:30 AM, the crows and bluejays are calling at dawn, so I get to see it most days, but I gotta admit that I turn over and go back to sleep pretty easily.

      Last week I was wearing long sleeve t-shirts on my morning run, so we just wait a minute and the weather will change :-)


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