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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Felt Like a Runner Again - RunLog 7-7-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I put the narrative up on top in case someone doesn't want to see the rest of the story :-).

Notes/Observations about the run: It was a bit of a later run than usual for me to start a run, but after the hike this morning I wanted to wait a bit before I ran, especially with the way we were feeling. Also we had a Vet appointment for the Bean this afternoon to check out a big lump on his side, where he wasn't doing too well last week. Everything checked out fine and he has been bouncing Bennie for the past few days, but we wanted to make sure. Would not like it too much if anything happened to the little bugger.

Plus we had to get a truckload of seafood compost, while we were down in Gardiner. Unloading all that stuff will be my strength workout tomorrow.

Hey, I finally get to write about running this afternoon.

With all the other stuff going on and where I stretched the Achilles a little too much on the strides yesterday, I just wanted to run comfortably and have turn-around points available if it did start to bother more than just being a little sore. The soreness never completely went away, but it did loosen up a little and definitely didn't get worse.

Both good things.

There really is not a lot to write about for this run. Other than I went out at a steady pace, slowed down to a comfortable 9:00 minute or so pace and then slowed down too much coming up Steven's Hill. Although in a couple of places I was able to pick up the pace to sub 8:00 when I chose to and it didn't bother me to do it.

Yeah, in my mind this is the first "real" run I have had since I hurt myself back in May. Still between 60 & 70% on left leg, but progress is being made.

It is good to feel like a runnah again.

Anything going on in life to share? I have been on vacation all week so, we went over to the Inland Hospital Trails this morning and did a couple of miles back in there. I do love the trails there and we only met a couple of other walkers while we were out there.

It was kind of strange though, after we got home both Mary and I felt like crap...like we had been exposed to something on the hike??? We both had headaches, fuzzy headed, felt alternating periods of hot/cold and body aches. I wonder if they use pesticides on some sections of the trail, there sure were not a lot of mosquitoes, horseflies or other creepy crawlies (especially ticks) or flying things that you would expect to encounter this time of year on a woods trail up heah in Maine. Makes you wonder, all I know is something scrambled us pretty good.

I had planned to run from Town Farm Road to Home (about 5-6 miles), that drop me off thing, but felt so crappy that I didn't bother and when I got home took a nap in the chair for about half an hour. Felt a little better,after that but not much. I was disappointed about not running then, but the way I felt, there just wasn't any way that I could have done it.

It took a couple of hours for that feeling to go by for both of us, so neither one of us was sure what was going on, but at the same time for it to happen to both of us - well it wasn't a coincidence as far as we are concerned. It was an exposure to something that bothered us both.

My Weekly Guide for July, as I build up my base again. How much I do is dependent on my Left Leg
Easy Run (30:00) or Day off
Easy Run: 45:00
Hill Workout:
5 x 1:00 @
5K effort not pace w/jog/walk down recovery
Easy Run: 45:00 + strides
Tempo Run Run: 10:00 @ goal 5K pace + 30 seconds/mile
Easy Run: (30:00) or X-Training (45:00)
Long Run: 60:00

Type of Run: Easy, but no strides

Distance: 5.14
Duration: 46:31
Pace: 9:03
Felt: Very Good

Time of Day:
4:06 PM
Temp: 62*F
Weather: Overcast 94% Humidity
Winds: 4 mph NW
Sleep: 6.5

Course: Wildwood O/B & Philbrick Lap
Town/City: Sidney
Ran with: BY MYSELF

Mile Splits





Aches and Pains:
Left Leg feeling better, but still sore, so can't stretch out for a full stride, but getting better.
Hamstrings - didn't notice them for a change, but it wasn't a hard or faster run either.

Shoes Used:
Nike Lunar Glide 7
Remarks: Over 100 miles in the LG7's and the more that I run in them, the more I like them. Just fit my feet and the way I run nicely. No bothering today on a longer run, where I didn't have the stops/starts from running with Bennie.

Weekly Run Total: 20.6
Monthly Run Total: 28.71
Year-to-Date Total: 728.9


  1. Love the picture of you and Mary! And like you said, it is weird that you both felt crappy after the hike, I do wonder. If it was just a little headache I would suggest barometric pressure ... but not like that.

    Glad Benny is OK and that your legs are feeling decent! Progress! Also - funny with the Nikes ... I have basically JUST been using my Free 3.0's lately, the lightness and breathability in the humidity is welcome!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank Mike, it was one of the better pictures I have taken in a long time, primarily because Mary was in it ;-). I have been very happy with my Nike's am planning on getting another pair in August, which paired with the ones I have now will get me to the winter when a pair of Wildhorse 3's will probably find their way into the rotation. I love the Nike Free's, but I am figuring out that lower drop doesn't work for me and would have to go with the 5.0's if I went back to Free's, which might be an option next summer, but then again the Lunar Tempo 2's seem like a choice too.


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