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Monday, July 4, 2016

It May Be Time To Move On

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Sometimes, I feel like someone who is being torn between two worlds that really do not have a lot in common.

What in the hell is going through that noggin of your's now Harold?

As I approach my last birthday before I get to that new age group (yeah it means I am going to be 59 in August), the last few weeks I have been seriously contemplating, considering, thinking about and may just do it - stop blogging.


You love writing, blogging gives your secret ambitions of being a writer all those other things an outlet that are both creative and cathartic, so what is making you think about walking away from something you have enjoyed for almost 8 years now.

How else will you share your adventures and then be able to go back to read about them again or discover how/why you caused whatever injury you have going on this time?

Well, the truth is I wouldn't.

I would rely on those faulty memories and delusions of grandeur that are easier to maintain, if I didn't have a record of what really happened...you know like most other people do.

Actually, what is going on is that after 8 years of of hanging around the fringes of the blogging world, I am getting tired and bored of writing basically a rehash of the same things day-after-day after day.

Yeah, Bennie and I went for a run downback, he stopped to pee and poop, we did intervals while chasing a truck, car or bike, then I went back out and caught up to run with Mary. At lunch at work I ran down Leighton Road, UMA or the Civic Center. Then I get to whine about whatever my injury "du jour" is.

Really, I am not doing all that much writing and if I am honest with myself, my words of wisdom are pretty damn shallow.

My blogging has become less and less informative and more and more the meandering mindless babbling of an old fart, who all too often has his head up his arse and needs to come out for some fresh air.

So while I am on vacation this week I am not planning to do any vapid, mindless posts about my most recent run with Bennie or how much my frigging left leg is hurting after a run. No, the blog is going to go dark, while I think about what comes next for it and me with this part of my online life.

It might only be for a week, but then again, if how I am thinking lately is any indication, it might be longer, much longer.


  1. I'd hate to see you go, but I do understand. I see many bloggers who write about their daily runs and they do become repetitive. But that's kind of how our lives are. The daily routine does not vary much.
    I sometimes contemplate the difference between a habit and a routine. Is one simply good and the other bad? I think there's a lengthy blog post there.
    Coming up with something interesting to write about is a challenge that I struggle with all the time. Some topics (ie habit vs routine) need more attention than I often have time to give them. So instead of crap, I don't post anything.
    If you do decide to give up regular blogging, I'd love to have you guest blog on my blog with your shoe reviews. You could still write about what you love without the pressure to write all the time.
    Enjoy your vacation - Andy

    1. Andy - thank you for your kind words and also your words of wisdom. Sometimes the routine and mundane to us, is a completely different world for someone else. I was in a dark place yesterday when I wrote this and your advice/wisdom made me think clearly about what I really want and helped bring me out of it. Thank you Andy.

  2. It is funny - one blogger I continue to follow because she is a wonderful person (actually it is almost in spite of her blog that I follow) talked about feeling in a rut and not wanting it to reflect in her blog (hint: it already did). She talked about the 'rhythm' of her 'blog by numbers' posts (my term, not hers) - 'Marvelous in My Monday', 'Coaches Corner Tuesday', 'What I Ate Wednesday', 'Thinking out loud Thursday' and so on ... and failed to realize that by giving the power to dictate topics to others she was essentially slowly removing her own voice from her blog. No wonder she felt in a rut - her blog posts were mediocre at best - but of course the 'echo chamber' in her comments would never say anything that was critical in any way, since most are hoping to drive up their own numbers!


    Personally I love your posts - I have never been one for workout recaps, but neither do I see your posts as simply that! You always have a nice twist, a check-in with shoes and what you like and don't like, and so on ... and your own personal voice gives even the most basic run recap a particular 'flavah'.

    But at the same time I *obviously* get it ... I have really never felt bad about ending my posting, but I do love to look back at what I *did* post, and feel proud of that. For me there just wasn't the time anymore, and I want to allocate my time to other things ... still a work in progress!

    Some people said I should scale back to posting once a week or something ... but that never worked for me either. See if you can find a rhythm that works for you. I'd hate to lose your blog entirely, but it is your space, and it should be a positive thing, or it is not of value.

  3. I don't want to go down that road again, been there and done that. It is not me and I do attempt to keep my own voice as much as my half a bubble off-center personality is going to let me.

    I was in a dark place yesterday when I wrote that post and needed to write it out, got some much needed feedback and moved on. That will teach me to read Steven King novels again for a while, they tend make me head down a road that I do not need to go. Mr. Mercedes was a great read, but...I remember why I stopped reading his "thriller" books.

    I will be back to normal today :-)


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