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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Second Run on a Warm Day - RunLog 7-5-16 #2

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.                                             

Workout Planned: Second run on a hot day, so just run easy, get some miles on the legs

Day of the Week:
Time of Day:
4:45 PM
Distance Run: 3.06
Time: 28:13
Pace: 9:13
Intensity:  0.83
Based on 7:40 pace
Type of Run:
Result: N/A
Zone: 1
Temp: 84*
Weather: Clear/Sunny
Winds: Calm
Felt: Hard

Course: Down-back to Up-top 3. miler

Town/City: Sidney

#1: 8:34
#2: 10:09
#3: 9:04

Notes/Observations about the run: The first mile was comfortable and actually the leg felt pretty good, so I just worked on lengthening out my stride a little. Those short-choppy strides might make the Achilles feel better, but it ain't gonna let me run the way I want to. On the way back up Stevens Hill, to be honest, I just checked out and slogged my way up the hill. I wasn't into working the hill or fighting the heat.

Yeah, I know that I should work it harder, but I also know that when it is hot out that I don't run as well and no I am not wanting 10*F days! I can survive the heat and slog through it, because when I stop I am not worried about freezing my arse off and can still wander around in shorts/t-shirt. No, I ain't taking my shirt off and scaring the bejessums out of every driver or bike rider that goes or at least blinding them with the reflection off this pale, chunk of flub I have become lately.

Although once I got back to the tar, I did pick it back up a little and one of the local carpenters asked me "if I wanted him to pace me down the road" He was in his truck and I declined, saying I was sweating bad enough for both of us at that point. We both laughed and he drove off smiling. That was that little pop at just after 2.0 miles on the graph.

The left leg didn't bother hardly at all over last quarter mile. So I felt good about the last half mile, even though I was pretty well toasted - the leg didn't bother.

I felt good about not going to Quarry Road tonight, although I missed seeing all the other runners, I also knew if I ran the trails that my leg would have talked dirty to me about how badly I am abusing it.

Something I am thinking about is going up to Brewer tomorrow night and doing a little track work with Peter L and the Sub 5 bunch. I know that I would have to be careful, but it would be the only chance this summer to do a track session with other runners. Well unless I join the Maine Track Club and wander down to Lewiston on Tuesday nights.

I must be feeling optimistic if I am thinking about track work. Yeah, I know I ain't really ready yet, probably it would be more realistic for sometime in August than it is July, but I also never want to stop dreaming/believing. I need to just work on my training base for a month or so, without pushing the pace too much, too often.

Honestly, I need to work on hills more than anything, I have lost a lot of strength in the legs and I can feel it when I am tired.

Aches and Pains:
Yeah the left leg is still limiting, but it did seem to loosen up that last 1/2 mile. So tonight I will do some more of my rehab and strengthening exercises, which do seem to be helping a bit. Hammies still there and the hips felt a little better. Although once I did sit back down when I got back up, Mary asked me if I was hurting - yep everything hurt. 

Shoes Used:
Nike Lunar Glide 7
Remarks: Put them on and forget about 'em. Although I do notice that on the dirt road down-back that grip is not the best if I am running in looser dirt or gravel sections.

Weekly Run Total:
Monthly Run Total
Annual Run Total

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