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Monday, July 11, 2016

The Second Run a Bit Warmer - RunLog 7-11-16

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Date: 7-11-16
Day: Monday
Time of Day: 2:25 PM
Weight: --
Humidity: ?
Weather: Clear/Sunny
Winds: 10-15 mph NW
Sleep: No nap

Run #2
Planned Distance: 3.0
Type of Run: Wanted to get a zone 3, but wanted a consistent pace

Distance: 3.1
Duration: 26:16
Pace: 8:28
Ran with: MYSELF
Course: Planet Fitness - Mt. Vernon Road Loop
Town/City: Augusta
Strava Graph Screen Shot
Mile Splits

Zone 1
Zone 2

Zone 3
Zone 4

Zone 5
Zone 6
6:59 - 6:40

Zone 7


Notes/Observations about the run:

At some point I need to try to run a little quicker, not my old race pace (not yet), but to run faster than I have for a while. Today was one of those days to push the envelope down the table a little.

This course is deceptively - not hard, but has its challenges. Outer Civic Center Drive has a lot of traffic and can be a wind tunnel (like it was today - 10 to 20 mph breeze right in my face), then the long downhill on Leighton Road makes you want to go faster than you should, sucking the energy out that you will need for coming back up the last deceptive upgrade. Then coming to PF the hill is there and with the wind in your face, just does slow you down.

That and the 79*F and higher humidity, after 4 days in the lower 60's didn't help either, but you gotta run in the weather that is out there, not what you would like it to be.

So while I made my goal of getting under an 8:30 pace for the run, it sure as hell was not a consistent pace. It seems like running with Bennie has totally messed up my ability to judge pace, I now run hard, slow down, then run faster again, not really ideal. However, I have to be careful about running fast for too long, then upsetting the whole apple cart by screwing up the Achilles again.

I do need to get my conditioning back and while it is better than it was a couple of weeks ago, I do have a ways to go to get back to the shape I was in in early May.

I am running though and that is the important thing.

Aches and Pains:
Left Leg - Never had any part of the run where I didn't know it was there, but as long as I didn't keep running faster, it didn't get any worse. More of a discomfort or a blockage that doesn't allow me fully stride that way that I want. Getting better, but not where I want it to be.
Hamstrings - Yeah, nothing new here either.

Shoes Used:
Nike Lunar Tempo 7
Remarks: No issues, they just keep me running.

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