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Friday, July 8, 2016

This is July? and Thinking Out Loud - RunLog 7-8-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I had written a big post on all the crap that seems to be going on lately in the news and politically. I am tired of a lot of stuff and I almost made my views public -- then I deleted the whole thing. No one needs to hear my views, opinions or spoutings on things that I really don't have all the facts about or that don't have any of the answers for.

There are enough people on all sides of the issues and political spectrum who are making arses of themselves over what is happening, many of whom are a lot smarter and better connected than I am.

The bottom line I do not need to add my voice to the noise, since I would add nothing of value.

So for now I will just stick with my plain old vanilla running blog and let the world go about its merry way on its journey to who to hell knows where.

The song seemed appropriate

However, did you realize that vanilla is a pretty interesting spice ;-).

Back to my running.

My Weekly Guide for July, as I build up my base again. How much I do is dependent on my Left Leg.

Easy Run (30:00) or Day off
Easy Run: 45:00
Hill Workout:
5 x 1:00 @
5K effort not pace w/jog/walk down recovery
Easy Run: 45:00 + strides
Tempo Run Run: 10:00 @ goal 5K pace + 30 seconds/mile
Easy Run: (30:00) or X-Training (45:00)
Long Run: 60:00

Type of Run: Easy, but no tempo sections

Date: 7/8/16
Day: Friday
Time of Day: 9:54
Weight: 164
Distance: 4.1
Duration: 37:47
Pace: 9:13
Felt: Stronger
Temp: 60*F
Humidity: 84%
Mostly Cloudy
6 mph N

Course: Bartlett O/B 4.0 Miler
Town/City: Sidney
Ran with: Bennie, then met Mary to run from Blake to Home then to 4.0 with Bennie again

Strava Graph Screen shot











Notes/Observations about the run: While getting ready to run, I noticed that my Garmin didn't charge overnight, even though I plugged it in. Which meant that I had to use my phone as my GPS device. Not what I prefer to do, it is just inconvenient to use my phone that way, but I gotta admit that I do like the data that GPS devices give me about my runs.

The temps are pretty chilly for July, I mean 60*F at 10:00 AM is not that warm, but it is pretty damn near perfect for running, so I can't complain about that part of it. Running in those conditions make for better times and give an indication of what kind of shape I really am in. About 8:00 minute mile pace for a 5K road race, but getting better, now that I can run regularly again.

After the leg loosened up, we did pretty good, until we got back to Blake and met Mary. We ran with her the rest of the way to the house and then picked the pace back up to finish up 4.0 miles. I was pretty happy with the 8:30 pacing for 3 of the 4 miles, because it was comfortable and didn't hurt anything. Plus when I wanted to I could pick up the pace, without the leg talking nasty to me.

The time is a bit slower than what I was actually running...since there is no auto pause and I didn't shut off the watch when Bennie did his doggy things down-back or when he earned some re-training on leash pulling.

I don't mind it so much when we are running and he runs beside or in front of me with the leash in his mouth, but when he is pulling from behind and tugging backwards, well that ain't gonna work. He voiced his displeasure all the way home, but he left the leash alone. No I didn't hurt the little bugger, but I stopped and reminded him that what he was doing wasn't a good thing and that he was not the alpha male.

Overall, another pretty good run, where I still had something left when we finished.

Anything going on in life to share? I did get the bed full of compost shovelled out and in a pile. That took about an hour and was definitely a nice upper body workout. Other than that today is my last day of vacation -- boo hiss. I am enjoying the freedom it gives me to actually get workouts in, even when I miss my windows. I guess there is a lot going on and it will be busy when I get back to it next week. Oh well it is part of the deal.

Aches and Pains:
Left Leg was sore and a little stiff the first mile, seemed to loosen up after that and let me run a little easier than it has been
Hamstrings - not too much barking.

Shoes Used:
Nike Lunar Glide 7
Remarks: I wore a pair of thicker socks this morning and could tell a little difference, not a big one, but I wouldn't wear those socks with the LG7's on a long run, otherwise no issues

Weekly Run Total: 24.7
Monthly Run Total: 32.81
Year-to-Date Total: 733.0

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