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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Treadmill Run and Boomers Outside - RunLog 7-28-16

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Sometimes I am smahter than I look. What are you talking about Harold, when it comes to running, usually you have a big case of the dumbshits.

Well it is like this, when I stepped out of the building to go to my late lunch, the heat and humidity hit me like a sledgehammer and when I looked up I could see lots and lots of dark clouds moving my way and could hear that booming sound that warns that there are those weird white flashes out and about.

So I decided that today was a great day for hopping on the treadmill.

The only thing is that I tend to get a bit stoopid when I run on the treadmill and convenient forget...well more like ignore the discomfort and just run the faster paces, I have been attempting to stay away from. Sort of like that old warhorse that has been put out to pasture, who still charges around when he hears that bugle calling.

That is how I am on the treadmill and as much as I might want to say I won't, I usually answer that bugle and charge headlong into faster paces, even when I sure as hell know better.

Oh well, just another case of Harold being Harold

This is the storm shortly after I got done with my workout

and this was what it was like after I got home to no power and Mary wanting hamburgers for supper :-)

If you look back at the eve of the roof, you can see it coming off pretty good.
Run #1
Time of Day:
3:12 PM

Planned Distance: 3.0
Type of Run: Something not too hard
Course: Planet Fitness Treadmill
Terrain: Indoors
  Outside Weather
Temp: 86*F
Humidity: 78%
Weather: Storm coming in
Winds: Not really












 Garmin Graph Screen shot

Notes/Observations about the run: I really wasn't planning on running quite that fast, but the discomfort I had in the leg didn't increase, so with me being me I just kept pushing the pace, because everything else felt great! It really does suck that only about 3" of my left legs are holding me back from some great running this summer, but it is what it is.

The big thing is that I am still running.

I wasn't sure how the leg was going to hold up, so I started at

1.0 @ 7.2 mph
1.0 @ 7.3 mph
1.0 @ 7.4 mph
0.25 @ 7.5 mph
0.25 @ 7.6 mph
0.25 @ 7.7 mph
0.15 @ 8.1 mph
0.10 @ 8.6 mph

Everything held together and didn't blow up -- phew.

Yes, it was stoopid, yeah I know I shouldn't have done it, but damnit it felt good to actually run faster again, especially that last quarter. It is just a matter of perspective, but I have to keep pushing to see how much I can do and not be satisfied or not attempt it because of a little discomfort.

There was not any pain, I wasn't changing my stride...well a little I had to keep the stride length shorter with a higher cadence, which probably helps my form be more of a midfoot, light heel landing. Now to just get my brain to accept that running this way is not unnatural and that I can run fast and probably not feel as much discomfort if I keep doing it. - good luck Harold your brain has 40+ years of running how it thinks is right and this ain't it.

Oh well, one of my better runs in a while, I just have to figure out how to ice the leg down right after running and still be at work, without looking like a total dork (well they all know I am a runner, so maybe they will just ignore my peculiarities, after all I do work at a fairly liberal college hehehehe. I don't think it is quite that liberal to let me walk around with an ice pak wrapped around my left leg or propping it up on my desk to elevate it while icing it. I have a feeling that it might be frowned upon.

Just have to suck it up and wait until I get home before icing it down.

Anything going on in life to share?
Shoes Used:
Nike LunarGlide7
Remarks: I am starting to notice that the outsole on the forefoot is getting pretty thin, the same thing that the 5's did for me. It hasn't gotten to where it will wear thru yet, but if I keep wearing them down-back, I have a feeling it will happen sooner rather than later. It seems like these are going to be 200-250 mile shoes and then they become my work shoes. Which is not the kind of wear that I want from my daily trainers.
Sleep 6.5 hot and muggy, didn't sleep good
Aches and Pains:
Left Leg - no changes
Hamstrings - no changes

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