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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

UMA Trails Again - RunLog 7-12-14

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Time of Day:
3:18 PM
Temp: 83*F
Humidity: Yes

Run #1
Planned Distance: 3.0
Type of Run:
Something easy

Distance: 3.20
Duration: 30:28
Pace: 9:31
Ran with: Myself

Course: UMA Trails
Town/City: Augusta

Graph Screen shot

Mile Splits

Zone 1
Zone 2

Zone 3
Zone 4

Zone 5
Zone 6
6:59 - 6:40

Zone 7


Notes/Observations about the run:
Hot, humid and not much of a breeze, so yeah it did get my attention and affected the run a little more than usual today. When it is that hot/humid almost everyone slows down at some point in the run - just run to the conditions and don't try to be a hero.

That was reason number 2 that I didn't run Quarry Road tonight, in a race I tend to get stoopid and push too much. The big reason was that the leg still is not ready for running faster on trails and if there are other people around me, well racing, I might just try to do more than the leg is ready for...especially on trails, which bothers it more than running on tar.

Enough bullshitting, let's talk about the run.

I started out going down the mowed field path, which really did bother my leg, there is something about field running that the surface. I am pretty sure it is because when they mow the grass, it makes things look flat when it is anything but with divits, holes and all the other small obstacles that our legs when they are healthy adjust to without much thought. When you are rehabbing, those unexpected pulls, twists and stuff make my left leg say nasty things to me about my lack of brains.

It might be right. ;-)

Then I popped into the woods trails and it felt a lot better running in there, but that is also where the hills are. Which the leg ain't too crazy about either, so we had several sessions of serious discussion about my mental status and if this really was all that great of an idea.

I kept running.

Coming back up the hill by the Library is probably my hardest hill, because it is so long.

It doesn't look that tough, but it is that damned field running stuff again.

Once I got back on top I did go through the woods trail again and decided to do that Climb out of the woods and then decided that if I wanted to get 3.0 in that I better get back on the roads to finish up

Surprisingly, as slow as I felt that I was going, I still stole a couple of spots on my segment list and I was not trying.

It isn't like I have run UMA just a couple times, so this is encouraging, even though the times in my opinion are pretty soft and I will be doing better when I get healthy again.

Overall, I was happy with the run and as much as I want to run more on trails, the leg just ain't quite ready for prime time - yet.


Anything going on in life to share?

Aches and Pains:
Left Leg - Didn't like the hills and the field sections, just something about them that makes the leg ache more.
Hamstrings - Rolled them before the run and they didn't talk to me too much.

Shoes Used:
Nike Lunar Glide 7
Remarks: Not great for running trails, but UMA is mostly groomed, so not as big a deal when dry, but wouldn't want to use them if it was wet in there.

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