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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

83*F is Still 83*F and a Dead Garmin - RunLog 8-23-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I should've run this morning first thing, it was gorgeous 51*F, just bit of a breeze out of the north. I didn't though - I just can't get motivated for running during that time of the day.

Oh well, just the way I am.

So that meant that I got to run when it was a bit warmer - right around 83*F with very little wind. I had a little extra time and decided to to 5.0. Unfortunately, UMA doesn't really have a good 5.0 mile course without doing laps and Planet Fitness ain't much better.

Running Ahead - Course Map

Even so I decided that I could do pretty much a 5.0 mile loop if I went out Outer Civic Center Dr towards Belgrade, then back by the new Hospital and then cut through the cemetery. Turns out lots traffic and lack of shade made this an unenjoyable route, but I got the 5.0 miles in.

I purposely ran slower in the Apollo's to find out how they did at a recovery pace. They are not really not for running slower, but did well enough that I wouldn't hesitate to use them upta 5-6 miles and maybe a bit further. However, for me I don't think they are what I would want to run longer in. I heel strike a lot in them going slower and coming down the big hill by the hospital I noticed that my feet hurt a little more than they should, not enough to slow me down, but noticeable.

Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my Garmin last night and it ran out of juice at 4.0 miles and while I tried turning it on after the auto shut-off, that last mile was off by a lot. That is why I used the course maker in Running Ahead to see how far it was - a little old school tech = close enough.

I do know that I picked up the pace the last mile - it was mostly downhill :-). I always have been a better downhill runner.

A nice recovery run after a couple of faster for me runs the past two days and while I did feel strong, the heat did get me a little miles 3-4 where the hills were

Time: 46:43 (est)
Distance 5.01
Pace: 9:07
Shoes: Under Armour Apollo 2

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