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Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Bit of a Longer Run - RunLog 8-20-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I really wanted to try a longer run today, the leg has been feeling the best it has in a while and I figured it was time to try, but at the same time I still had to get a run in with Bennie and didn't want to over-do it too much.

The little stream at the start of Tiffany is pretty damn dry, so yeah, I guess we are in a drought condition. Hope the rains come soon.

So I sort of compromised, when I got done running with Bennie - his tongue was dragging on the ground, I immediately took his harness off and headed back out the door. He was pissed, who was going to protect the old fart and let me know all about it as I escaped down the driveway. Damn dawg :-)

How was Bennie's run, actually we didn't stop nearly as often as usual, he seemed like he was in a hurry to get it done today. It wasn't real hot or humid and there was a nice breeze, but it was still warmish and by the time we got back to Steven's Hill, we had worked up a good sweat. This was even though I had purposely held back on pacing, because I "knew" that I had more running to do after Bennie was done.

Once I dropped Bennie off, I didn't really push and just went with a comfortable pace down through Pepin Way and slowed down a bit coming back out of there. By then I was feeling the heat and getting pretty tired.

Coming back up the Bitch was too much for my current level of conditioning and my left leg was starting to bark a little. By this time my running was slower than my walking speed, so I walked about a quarter mile and when I got back on top, I was feeling pretty good and picked the pace up a little (not much).

Overall, it was a good run and I was happy with how well I did, even though there was some walking music coming back up a tough hill. After I got done I iced the leg down, which seemed to help a lot.

  • Time: 1:04:30
  • Distance: 7.01
  • Pace: 9:12
  • Shoes: U/A Bandit 2

I just hope that I am on the other side of the left leg woes. All I know is that it felt good to get a few more miles on the legs.

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