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Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Lot Going On and the Little Escape Artist - RunLog 8-27-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well my left leg must be getting better inspite of Harold being Harold, because after my most recent attempt to train stupidly (yet again), it only took a couple of days to recover. So what did I do this time?

What happened this time?

On Wednesday, I had a pretty decent 5.0 mile run that morning with Bennie and then, I needed to get another 3.0 done at lunch on the treadmill it was just too damn hot outside. Which probably would not have been quite so bad...if I had not done the 3.0 miles in 23:37, but I was feeling pretty good during the run.

It seems that I can go the 9:00 minute paces or slower without too many issues, but when I get below that 8:00 minute barrier, something changes and my leg doesn’t whisper when it tells me how stoooooopid I am being. 

The other part of the equation is that I can’t seem to do the eccentric leg drops below level without them bothering my leg, so a definite lesson learned there.

Then I wore the Apollo’s back to work that afternoon and they aggravated my left Plantar Facia, which flares up if the shoes are not quite right for me. When I got home, I golf balled the left foot and plantar, which helped - a lot.

Thursday, I took off - when I can't walk without discomfort, I am not going to run. Then Friday while I decided that I could run, that I need another day off just to be sure. I am trying to be smahter, just doesn't always work the way I plan.

However, I did want to find out if the Apollo 2’s were going to bother my Plantar Facia, so I wore them to work on Friday. Not a good thing. By 10:00 AM, I had to go out to the truck and change out of them. I wore my old PI M3 v2’s and they didn’t bother at all, but damn they are heavy as hell. 

So I am not going to run in the Apollo’s for a couple of weeks and will see how they do when I go back to them. I hope it is just a one off kind of thing, because I do like the shoes, but if they continue to bother my foot - well they won’t make it to 50 miles.

Saturday Morning Run

Which brings us to this morning. I definitely was going to run - no doubt about it.

Unfortunately, after we got out there Bennie was a lot more interested in sniffs and leaving “male” for other critters that it wasn’t one of those good runs I had hoped for. 

At almost 2.0 miles I had to stop and take off my right sock. For some reason it was bother the hell out of my right foot???? The Bandit’s did a good job with the barefoot running and I might have to start running barefoot in them, which is not a great thing for winter running which is only a two-three months away. So I have a feeling I will get them through the fall and be on the look out for a different pair of multi-purpose type shoes for winter running. 

Then once we got back up by the house a Jeep went by and somehow the leash caught the waist belt latch just right and the next thing I knew Bennie was running free and the belt was on the ground behind us. 

This totally sucked!!!

He can run like nobody’s business and he was going full out to get the Jeep.

Like the neighbor said "I didn't know he was that fast of a dog!!! He can really fly!!!"

I felt like saying "Yeah, no shit Sherlock.", but I was nice and said, "He sure can".

Usually, when this happens about 3 hours later he is back in the fold and I get to worry like hell that he will get hit by a car. Luckily, once he figured out that he wasn’t going to catch the Jeep, he stopped down at the 2nd neighbor’s mailbox, turned around looked at me and started running back towards me.

I had just kept running along towards him like nothing happened, calling his name, hoping against hope that he would get the message that we are supposed to be running together. He started running back towards me and slowed down as he got close, with one of those big doggie grins on his face. 

I quickly stepped on the leash and reached down to pet him and then we ran back to pick the waist belt and my phone up off the road - I was releasing some of the adrenaline burger that accumulated and Bennie just wanted to play leash tug-o-war - which I was so relieved that I just let him. I didn’t make a big deal out of him getting away and then we finished off the run.

I got lucky on that one!!!

I don't know, maybe when he realized that I wasn’t going to chase him, so it didn’t become a game and then he got to finish up his run with the old fart - thank goodness.

The reality is that

My training mistakes, make the recovery from my Achilles and left leg woes longer than they need to be! 

However, I do love to run faster, it just feels good to the rest of the body and actually didn’t feel that bad during the run on Wednesday, so I put a lot of the discomfort and needing to take a couple of days off on the eccentric drops, which stretches that leg's Achilles too much and breaks down the healing that has started. 

So I still do not know if it is the faster running or the deeper eccentric drops that cause the problems or a combination of the two? So no more deep eccentric drop for a while and no faster paced workouts or races until I can do 3.0 miles a bit quicker and not suffer after doing it.

I hate this constant searching for a decent shoe to run in, but it with weird feet and an Achilles that doesn’t like me, it seems my destiny to keep searching. I have a feeling that I might go back to a pair of Mizuno’s either the Rider 19 or Catalyst - the NB offerings as much as I want just do not fit my feet. Or maybe I just run in the LG7’s deal with the durability issues and run in those until I can't get them anymore. 

A lot to think about.

I had high hopes for the Under Armour stuff, but the Apollo’s don’t seem to be part of the answer and the while I can run in the Bandit’s, I have to be very selective about which socks I use or plan on going sockless in them, which will not work this coming winter, unless they become my treadmill shoes, but I have other shoes for that purpose.

Onward and upward.

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