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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back to It Again - Yet Again - RunLog 8-6-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Another year is in the books and 365 days before I change to a new age group. Which means that I really want to get off my arse, get all the little and not so little things that have been limiting my running lately in the rear view mirror and really prep for that age group changeroo. :-)

Bennie did get me a pair of new running shoes and so did the wife, but somebody's won't get here until Monday, but that is okay I got to run in the Under Armour Bandit 2's this morning and so far was pretty impressed.

Yeah, I am going to try Under Armour again and this time the toe box is wide-enough :-).

I really wanted something that felt similar to my LunarGlide 7's, but had a sole that hopefully wears a little better, doesn't collect quite so many rocks, has a little more cushioning in the forefoot and doesn't let rocks puncture as easily. After shopping around, the closest thing that I could come up with locally (because I wanted to try the damn things on) was the U/A Bandit 2.

So they are now a part of my rotation.

Also, I had to take 3 days off from running, yet again. It seems that last weekend's encounter with putting a waterlogged chair into the back of the truck, didn't do the Achilles any favors. Especially when the chair decided it didn't want to go into the truck and jumped out when I was attempting to put it in. At which point I braced my left left leg to catch it and pretty much knew immediately that wasn't a great idea. Yeah, I let it drop to the ground, hopped around and make some blue air. Then proceeded to put the chair in the back of the truck, without anymore issues. By Tuesday, it was hurting pretty good, so I took some more time off.

Next time I will go to the doc, have them tell me to wear a boot for 2-3 weeks and let the damn thing heel, instead of this go a little bit, get better, than re-injure the damn thing, start over routine I have been doing since May.

Time of Day:
9:42 AM
Ran with:

Planned Distance: 3
Type of Run: Easy to see how the left foot was going to react and try out new shoes

Course: Bartlett & HC
Terrain: Tar & Dirt Roads

Temp: 70*F
Humidity: 83%
Weather: Partly Sunny, gonna t-storm later
Winds: 3 mph SW






Eccentric Heel Drops AM


Eccentric Heel Drops PM





Garmin Graph Screen shot

Notes/Observations about the run:

It felt warmer than 70*F by the time we got done and Bennie's tongue was dragging pretty hard, by the hill.

The first mile was decent, trying to figure the correct stride, landing pattern and all the other stuff that goes along with the first run in a new pair of shoes. Each one is a bit different and causes you to land slightly differently than you do in other shoes. Which is probably a good thing.

Which also meant that I didn't attempt to push the pace or anything this time. After being off for three days, I didn't want to screw anything too much, because I was going too fast. Even so the first mile's moving pace was just over 8:30 without a lot of effort - a very good sign

By the second mile it seemed as the the temps had shot through the roof and I was sweating like a stuck pig and Bennie wasn't all that keen on keeping any kind of faster pace. So we slowed down and didn't really pick it up until a truck went by down on the flats.

After that we just plugged along, until we went around the circle and the Great Dane wanted to come along and run with us so badly, but she is a good girl and just gets excited, runs along side us (which Bennie loves) and stays in the yard barking with that deep throated - I wanna go boss bark.

Anything going on in life to share? Another birthday and no some motivation to get ready for the next one - I want to do well in that new age group coming around the corner.

Shoes Used:
Under Armour
Bandit 2
Remarks: First run in the Bandit 2's and it was a very nice first impression. The toe box is wide enough, they feel comfortable, I ran well in them and they have a little more cushion up front for running down-back ;-).

It might have been just me, but I seemed to have a little better grip on the dirt sections than I do with the LG's. Overall, a nice first run in a pair new running shoes.

One change I am going to make is to put LockLaces in, I've gotten so that I really like them in all my road shoes, but keep regular laces in the trail shoes for a more secure lock down.

Weight: --
Sleep: I slept decently and got a nice 8.0 in

Aches and Pains:
Left Leg - A lot better than it was on Tuesday and I had thought about doing another run down on the rail trail, but when I went to Dick's to get the LockLaces, the leg told me that one run was enough today.
Hamstrings - no problems

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