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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Disappointing Week - Week in Review 8-28-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

What Happened This Week?

More dumb training - in other words get to feeling decent and do something stoopid - err running a 23:37/3.0 mile treadmill run after already running a decent 5.0 miler that morning. Yep dumb and yes, I paid for it.

Figured out that I don’t like the feeling of going over the side of my shoes and that as the shoe breaks in it is even more pronounced than it was. Then the other new pair are causing a flare-up of Plantar Faciitis, which only happens in certain shoes and these seem to be a pair of those shoes. Tough week for my new shoes.

Bad when I go back to the old running shoes, because they feel better than the new ones.

Other than that not much.

Photo of the Week:

Running Summary

Weekly totals spreadsheet screenshot

Thoughts on this week’s running.

Until noon Wednesday, I was feeling the best I have felt running since May, then Iike said at the start, I got greedy, stoopid and all those wonderful words we use to describe bad training. Since then I have gingerly gotten back to it, but certainly not at the level I was at the start of the week.

Made 25 Miles and am pretty happy I got that many, considering how bad I was feeling Wednesday/Thursday. Good thing that I heal reasonably quick.

Year-to-Date Progress

spreadsheet screenshot


Hey, I made 100 miles for August, it was in doubt, but did it. A couple more weeks and I will have 1,000 for the year, not quite where I want to be, but better than I thought it would be ever since the leg started bothering.

Running Shoes

Running Shoe Rotation:

  • Under Armour Speedform Bandit 2
  • Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2
  • Asics Hyperspeed 6
Thoughts about running shoes:

It can be summed up in one word - Disappointing.

The two Under Armour shoes really did well the first couple of weeks, but unfortunately, they both seem to have fatal flaws for me and how I run, which will cause me to get back on the looking for new shoes merry-go-round. Unless things turn-around quickly.

I did dig out the Hyperspeeds and put the Garmin footpod on them, because I needed a pair of shoes that are not lower drop, but still are decent on the treadmill for me.

I even dug deep into the archives and pulled these babies out of the backyard shoe rack and might even take them out for a spin, they did bring back some great memories of running in them during 2012 & 2013.

Shoes I Ran In This Week

Under Armour Speedform Bandit 2 - (9.3 oz) - Personal Purchase
I am still running decently in them, but I have learned that I have to be very particular about which socks I wear, since on Saturday, I had to take off my right one because it bothered my foot so much and run home barefoot in the shoe. Also the curvature of the last and mostly stretchable upper does not make for a good moderate stability shoe. As the shoe breaks in more, I notice my foot feeling like it is going over the edge on landing, especially if I pick up the pace a little and land a little more on the outside of my forefoot. Not a good sign for continued running in them.
Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 - (8.1 oz) Personal Purchase

Until this week I was very happy with how the A2’s were performing for me. Unfortunately, a deal killer raised it ugly head this week. When I wear them, my Plantar Faciitis bothers - a lot. I don’t have a clue why these would bother, because they are flexible, with enough cushion, but the last two times I have worn them, suffering of the INITIAL stages of a bad bout of PF was not fun. I will try them one more time, but right now I am not looking forward to doing it. Probably will be Monday’s treadmill run, might as well find out sooner than just throwing them in the closet and then finding them a few months from now and wonder why I put them there.
Asics Hyperspeed 6 - (0.56) -- Personal Purchase 

Not really sure how much running I will actually be doing in them, but I know that I can run decently in the Hyperspeed 6's and not have them bother anything too much, just gotta be careful on wet roads, grass and not much running down-back on the dirt road.

Other Shoes in the closet, but not currently being used for running

Nike Lunar Glide 7 - (9.4 oz) - Personal Purchase
Have become my primary work and walking shoes.

A pretty big difference in the weights, they are listed at 9.4 and these are 8.8 oz. I have put them into semi-retirement and use them as my primary work shoes. They are still comfortable and I wouldn't hesitate to run in them if I had to and it is looking like I might need to.
Nike Streak LT3 (5.3 oz-RW) - Personal Purchase
Moved to the back of the garage as I decide what to do next with them.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road (8.3 oz) - Personal Purchase
These have become the back of the truck, emergency run shoes, the lower drop tends to bother my Achilles, but I really do like the shoes, so I am not getting rid of them just yet.

Pearl Izumi EM/H3 Road (9.9 oz) - Personal Purchase
Moved to the back of the garage as I decide what to do next with them.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail (9.3 oz) - Personal Purchase
Moved to the back of the garage as I decide what to do next with them.


Not for a while.


Left Achilles Tendon area: 3 steps forward, 2 steps back as usual. Probably would be healed if I had any patience or brains.
Hamstrings - not bothering too bad, one thing about this lower mileage/slower speeds is they have had a chance to get a bit better.

The reality is that

I hate being on the running shoe search merry-go-round. I just want to get some running shoes, run well in them and stop worrying about always looking for something that will last long more than a couple hundred miles or lets me just run.

Maybe by next year, I will actually get this left leg of mine healed to the point where I can just run.

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