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Sunday, August 14, 2016

For One Glorious Mile, Then Back to Reality - RunLog 8-14-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

After watching the 10,000 meter last night and the Women's Marathon this morning, I wanted to have a good run today and I really did.

For one mile today, I got to run, pain-free, no impingement on the left leg - it was wonderful being able to run with my normal stride for the first time in so long...then of course reality set back in and I had to go back to the stride that protects my leg.

However, it gave me hope and made me realize how much different it is for me to just run. :-)

Time of Day:
11:01 AM
Ran with:
w/Bennie for just over half

Planned Distance: 5.0
Type of Run: Easy

Course: Around the hous
Terrain: Dirt & Tar Roads

Temp: 68*F it got hotter
Humidity: 94%
Weather: muggy, clear
Winds: 4 mph swirling






Eccentric Heel Drops







 Graph Screen shot

Notes/Observations about the run: At some point I knew that I would get that run in where the leg wouldn't bother for a ways and finally I got a mile in where I ran without my leg making me change my stride and yes - it felt wonderful.

I watched the Women's Marathon this morning and by the time it was over, the temps/humidity were rising quickly - it would have been smarter to run earlier, but I was enjoying the race. Although NBC's coverage still sucks when it comes to long distance running events - they don't do it well.

We started out well and then a car went by, so Bennie went into chase mode, then when the car turned in, he wanted to go with the car, not down-back. So we did the come-on Bennie routine for a couple hundred yards, when I wanted to be running, because nothing hurt!!!

After that we just ran comfortably to the mile turn-around and on the way back the left leg started to tighten up, so I changed my stride back to the one I am using to protect the leg, I tried to pick-up the pace again on the flats, but I decided to just relax and finish the run.

When we got back up to the house I started to pull Bennie to go up the drive, but he didn't want to and pulled back to the road. So I took him to the top of the hill and then coming back down a truck went by and Bennie went into chase mode the rest of the way home. We hit sub 7:00's for a ways and the leg forgot to talk to me while we doing that :-).

When we got to the mailbox, I headed Bennie up the driveway and dropped him off. He wasn't happy, but it was too hot/humid for him to do anymore.

The last 2.0 miles were a hot slog and I didn't try to push. It was just to get the 5.0 miles in and call it a day.

Anything going on in life to share?

Shoes Used:
U/A Bandit 2
You mean I had shoes on :-P. No issues with the Bandits, just a put them on and forget about them.

Weight: --
Sleep 8.5

Aches and Pains:
Left Leg - a bit better
Hamstrings - no issues


  1. I have really hated the coverage - all of it. Not just the televised stuff (including inane chatter), but also how the reporting of events is handled online, the websites for the olympics, and on and on. I mean, today I saw some of the women's US volleyball match against China and then after running errands wanted to find out what happened - couldn't find it on my phone, but eventually got it on the laptop ... ugh.

    Glad you got in a good mile - you take what you can get. I am looking forward to getting out tomorrow, it really energizes you just watching these amazing people! Since Molly Huddle is from the next town over from where we live now, it was great on Friday morning seeing all the 'run Molly run' signs and shirts and web posts and so on!

    1. Yeah the coverage is spotty at best and at worst, just sucks. They have to keep a constant monologue going, instead of allowing the viewer to enjoy the event or they cut to another event in the middle of one that has something going on and you miss a key moment. Like in the women's marathon, they cut to golf tee off (which most of us watching the marathon could give a rat's arse about (it was on the golf channel), so we missed when Desi dropped off the lead pack. They will do the same thing on the men's marathon. I know they have competing audiences and stuff, but if they are focusing on a certain event...well focus on that event or at least have a window in window for when they are highlighting another event.

      At this point taking what the body gives is better than it was last week when I thought I had pooched it bad while playing with that chair, the body is a remarkable beast, in how it repairs itself if you let it in most instances. Molly did great, I wish that Ben True could have made the Olympics, but he did get to win the Beach to Beacon so it was a nice consolation prize.


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