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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One of Those Days - RunLog 8-1-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

A quick look at what happened yesterday...no nothing bad, just one of those days :-).

Bennie getting ready for bed - where are we going to sleep!
Yes, Bennie and I ran 4.0 miles really slow first thing yesterday morning. The usual start/stop, go go go, stop, type of run he is famous for and me being me, and it being 6:00 AM, I wasn't the best of company ;-)

Work was steady, but for some reason my left leg area hurt like a you know what???? Not sure what is going on with Mondays and my left leg killing me, but that is 2 weeks in a row, so I gotta figure it out. However, I have a feeling it revolves around a certain pair of shoes that I wore to work those two days. I will try wearing them one more time later in the week (when that leg calms down again).

It bothered enough that I didn't even try to run at lunch like I planned, so that was a pretty huge bummer.

Then last night I got to thinking about how Bennie's birthday present was going to fit, so I pulled them out and tried them on. Crap these are not going to work for me at all.

The Lunar Tempo 2 has some sort of plasticky thing-a-maching in the right toe box that when I lifted up my foot and the big toe raised up it rubbed the end of it against it. It didn't feel comfortable walking, so I would hate to think what it would feel like running.

The the Nike Lunar Tempo 2's are now boxed up and ready to go back to Running Warehouse which was really disappointing - I like everything else about them. I think I might have had them on my feet for less than 3:00 minutes, but there was no doubt in my mind about that right foot gonna be a hurting puppy if I had run in them.

Even Mary agreed with me on how strange that toe "cap" felt, it probably had something to do with helping the shoe keep its shape up front, but damn it didn't feel right on my feet.

Which meant that my plans of having a 8mm go faster shoe needed to be changed - not that I am going to be going faster any time soon or so it seems this year. After a couple of hours of wandering around doing a bunch of research and trying to figure out the direction to go, it came down to a pair of Nike Wildhorse 3's, Nike Lunar Glide 7's (yes, as much as I dislike the durability, I know I can run well in them) and one other pair.

I still have dreams of frustration, err delusions of grandeur, well hell running faster at some point this year, so I took a chance on a pair of 8mm, 8 oz light-weight trainers in hopes that at some point this left leg will stop bellyaching so much.

I ended ordering something similar to my new trainers. So after my birthday, I will talk more about them.

Sometimes, like they say "in for a dollar in for ten".

No, Bennie and I didn't run this morning, the leg was 100% better, but I decided that maybe it would be better if I just let it rest until lunch-time. It hadn't quite stopped barking at me and sometimes discretion is the better of valor or is that running.


  1. Shoes are weird ... but I think the good thing is that our ability quickly say 'NFW' to something after trying it on improves over time. Last weekend was employee appreciation at Famous Footwear (younger son working there for the summer) meaning 40% off! Tried on a nice looking and lightweight pair of Nike running shoes - great fit, 4mm drop, etc ... but there was just *something* in the tongue said it would end up hurting and blistering me - so I passed.

    Glad you're leg is better, wonder if it is something different from weekend to work week or just those shoes or a combination? Hope you get in a good lunch run!

    1. In this case the NFW was almost immediate. That is funny, SD1 and SD2 both worked at FF their senior summers., that is when I got 4 pair of Asics Gel Kayano 11's for $50 each, so there can be great deals there. I used to buy most of my running shoes there from 2000 to 2011.

      The feel and fit of shoes is so important and like you say we get better as we get along at "knowing" what feels right and what will bother pretty well.

      The leg has its good days and bad days, I am just waiting for the day when I can finally run pain free with that leg. Frustrating, but it will happen. :-)


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