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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reversing the Usual 5K Course - RunLog 8-16-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I am not going to get all fancy or anything for this post. Just a quick few whine ass paragraphs and move on to talk about my run today ;-P

Whining Starts

After Sunday's mile of running normal, it has been back to errrrr welllllll, not running nearly as well. It seems as though that 3 inches of my body is getting even with me for every little thing that I have ever done to it (probably with good reason - it has been abused, partially torn, ligaments around it torn/strained and all that good stuff). However, enough is enough.

Giving me that glimmer of what it is like to run pain-free and without the left leg limiting anything was so great, but the bad part was how much I had to pay for that glimmer. I was going to go to Quarry Road for the final 3K race and BBQ today, but it freaking hurt to just walk yesterday and running was not fun either, so I decided to just stay away. I know me too well.

Yeah, I made the choice last night and even though the leg felt a lot better during the day, I stuck with the decision and only ran at lunch, which meant there was no way I would go to Waterville tonight.

Still more than a little frustrated, but I did have a good run this afternoon.

Whining Done

I do get tired of running the same course, in the same direction multiple times, just because it is the way that I ran it the first time. Isn't that what runners do?

Unfortunately, running from Planet Fitness in Augusta there are not a whole lot of choices on the number of different courses that you really can do. On Outer Civic Center Dr from Wal Mart to the exit or on ramps past the I-95 Underpass it is just to dangerous for pedestrian traffic. Oh, I do it and see people do it, but there is no place for a pedestrian or runner to go safely on that stretch of road, especially when it is busy.

Running is supposed to reduce your stress levels, not increase them and going through that section definitely increases my stress level, so I avoid that stretch and don't bother doing the Leighton to Bond Brook Loop.

So for a change of pace I did my 5K course in reverse and it is surprising how different a course looks and feels, by simply running in the opposite direction. It feels faster and although running up Leighton Road gets a little tiring with the incline (not a hill), everything else just felt better in this direction.

I still have not figured out where the big dips came from, especially the one down on Leighton Road, I don't remember slowing down for anything in that area??? Mysteries of GPS.

Overall, it was a nice consistently paced run, even if the graph doesn't show it, my mile splits were:

1 - 8:42
2 - 8:40
3 - 8:40

Not bad, for as much as the left leg bothered yesterday. Now to get to where I do more than a glimmer of running free.

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