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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Shoe Purge & Wanna Trade

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

There it is done, I have gone through my running shoe inventory...yes, I looked in the closet, the back of the garage, under the dresser, front hall closet, in the truck and found all of the shoes that I don't like, can't wear or don't work for me.

Yesterday, I returned the Under Armour Bandit 2's and Apollo 2's, so that left me with a few more that it was time to get rid of. Eleven pair to exact.

If you or you know of anyone who wants to trade me (we can negotiate) or find a good home for these shoes let's talk. I am open to pretty one-sided swaps and if it came right down to it and you or you know someone who really needs some running shoes really badly, I am not greedy. I would rather know that they are getting a second chance with someone who needs them, then have them go to Goodwill.

Also I am very easy on running shoes, so even though they might have some mileage on a few of them for the most part they are still in very good shape. Although the two with over 400 miles might not be the best choice for someone to keep running in.

So what are the shoes I am getting rid of:

1. Nike Streak LT3

 (33 miles) - Size 8.5 - I LOVE these shoes, unfortunately, I have also found that my left Achilles Tendon does not love me running in 4mm drop racing flats. This is the second Achilles issue I have had after running faster than an old fart should in this style of shoes. They make me want to go faster than my current body can handle and the left Achilles is what gives. I gotta get rid of them before I wear them again and break me again.

2. Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Tri 

(66 miles) - Size 8.5 - I ran well in them for a while, but they are not really race day shoes for me and they don't have enough cushioning for me for running longer distances. They were too much of a tweener shoe and not what I was looking for.

3. Pearl Izumi EM/M3 Road v2 

(115 miles) - Size 8.5 - Nice shoes and very comfortable, but from the start they felt too heavy for me at just under 11.0 oz they were not what I look for in my daily trainers. I just couldn't get by the weight and even though I had some very good runs in them, I had to consciously tell myself that I had to wear them versus wanting to wear them.

4. Pearl Izumi EM/H3 Roads V1

(227 Miles) - Size 8.5 - The shoes are pretty much bomb-proof and while I run well in them, I don't reach for them for running anymore. To be honest, I just got tired of them, which isn't much of an excuse to get rid of a pair running shoes, but at the same time I don't see me running in them very much going forward so it is time to let them go.

5. Asics Hyperspeed 6's

(100 miles) - Size 8.5 - They are a fast shoe that I run pretty well in, but the grip where I live isn't what I need and to be honest, last fall when I slipped and fell in them on wet grass and again on wet tar,  I lost confidence in my ability to go fast in them in those conditions. Then there is not enough cushioning for running down back, so they have been pretty much limited to treadmill or dry weather running.

6. Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads v2 

(209 miles) Size 8.5 - My tweener shoes, not quite light enough to be race day shoes, but not enough cushioning to be my daily trainers either. They do great with my faster road days or on the treadmill, but with all the Achilles issues I have been having, the 4mm drop just isn't working for me. Otherwise they would still be in my rotation as the shoes that really don't fit and particular training run, but always seemed to end up on my feet.

7. Skechers GoRun Ultra Women's v1 

(133 miles) Size 10 - I like they way that they run, but they were too narrow for my feet, so I took off the pleather strap from the laces down to the sole on the right shoe and it made them runnable. I don't know, they just never really did a lot for me and while they were okay, well time to let them go.

8. Nike Lunar Glide 5

(178 miles) - Size 9.5 - I got these on a whim, because I was so frustrated with all my shoes last summer. The 9.5's were always just too big, but even so I ran well in them and liked them a lot. However, I wear the front of the LG series to pretty smooth and that is why I stopped running in them, even though the rest of the shoe is in very good shape.

9. Hoka Clifton v1 - Blue 

(427 miles) - Size 8.5 - I got these in a trade with another runner and they are dead to rights, not a whole lot of life left in them. Loved how they worked for me, but the toe box was always just a smidgen too tight for my right foot, which would bother me after 5-6 miles, but I put some great miles on these shoes and they were fast and light. If the Clifton 3's were a little wider than the one's, instead of the 2mm wider than the 2's and hadn't gained so much weight in the 3's, I might go back to the Clifton's again, but they changed what the shoe was initially into something else.

10. Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads v1

(449 miles) - Size 8.5 - They are tired and done as running shoes. I made them into screw shoes last winter and they worked well for that purpose. Initially, they were a pair of shoes that I hated with a passion! However, once they broke in they were the shoes I always seems to come back to when not much was working right for me. They became my old reliables and have been retired for a while. If I don't get rid of them, I might take the screws out pretty soon and start running in them if nothing else seems to work the way I want. That is why I need to get rid of them...I might just start running in them again and I have a feeling that would not be a good thing.

There are the eleven pair of running shoes, that are going to leave the house at some point in the next month, either by trading or giving them away.

Yes, I said eleven at the top of the page, but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of my beloved Pearl Izumi N1 Trail v1's - I do like them, so they will stick around for a while longer.

If I trade them what am I looking for? 

For a trade something with less than 150 miles and in reasonable shape, bright, gaudy colors are fine

  • Mizuno - Size 8.5-9.0 (Inspires, Elixir's, Hitogami, Ronin, Catalyst)
  • Nike  - Size 8.5-9.0 (Free's, LG6 or 7, Pegasus, Racing Flats with 8mm drop or higher)
  • Topo - Size 8.5 Magnifly - I know a lower drop but they just intrigue me
  • Karhu - Size 8.5-9.0 (always wanted to try a pair)

or something else that we can negotiate about

Basically, something in the 8-12 mm drop, 10 oz or less range, with a wider toe box.

If you are interested let's talk, otherwise at by the end of September they will all go to Goodwill.


  1. OMG Harold I am not saying you have a problem, but ... :D

    I am too cheap with my own stuff to ever have a running shoe problem (but would gladly spend on Lisa or the boys).

    1. Yeah, it is my one big vice, but at least it is semi-healthy and that is over a year's worth of shoes. This a lot better than I was in 2012, 2013, 2014, each time was over 20 one year over 30, so I am cutting back - a little at a time. Next year I would love to get under 10 for the year :-) hehehehe


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