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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Three Steps Forward - RunLog 8-21-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

A little later than usual for the run, but I had a pretty good excuse, I stuck around and watched the Men's Marathon this morning. In keeping with their "fine" broadcast coverage, NBC didn't even wait for the first mile split before cutting to a commercial break. What else is new, their coverage of the "longer" events 5K and up just did not cut it for me.

Too many breaks and when they come back something important happened and we missed it. It was the story of the distance running events throughout the coverage. Disappointing, but not unexpected based on the past telecasts.

However, the 3rd and 6th place finishes were impressive and it did motivate me to want to get out and run as soon as it was over. Meb even though he did not have his race, didn't drop out and finished the race, even though he did slip at the end and had to do push-ups :-)  I bet his knee will hurt tonight.

Unfortunately, by then the temps were getting rather warm (not as warm as down south, but warm) and Bennie had his idea about how we should be running. He wasn't into it and I was, so it was me pulling ahead and him holding me back...a bit of role reversal than our usual arrangement.

Based on what I was seeing, I knew that 2.0 was all he was gonna do and I wanted to do a little more.

When we got back to the flat we did pick-up the pace from Blake to the Lower Gate a bit, nothing overly hard, but it felt good to run at a faster pace.

We did slow down on the hill, and then I ran straight into the house with the Bean. He wasn't happy to be left behind, but he just wasn't doing well in the heat.

So I went out and did 2 laps on top and had a couple of sub 8:30 miles. I know nothing to write home about, but I haven't been running those paces outside this comfortably in a while. :-)

I did wear the U/A Apollo 2's and they are quiet and remind me a lot of the PI N1 only a little more cushioned and flexible. I just ran comfortably in them and while I didn't break any speed records, they are a shoe that I can run fast enough in.

However, they are not racing flats, by any stretch of the imagination - they have morphed into light-weight trainers and while I am using them for faster pacing, they are not what I am planning racing in. Well maybe at first, until I get the body back to running harder/faster paces and let the left leg get back to where it needs to be.

A good day for a run and one of the 3 step forward days

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