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Monday, August 29, 2016

Too Early and Too Many Bennie Stops

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Some days are meant to be and others...well let's just say that 10 hours shouldn't feel like two weeks. In other words, not a great day by any stretch of the imagination, but at the same time I am glad to be home sitting in my recliner.

Getting out and running first thing with Bennie is not really a highlight of my day. Today was double-duty...he was full of piss and vinegar...well until he wasn't. In other words we would just get going and then we had to run, stop, run, stop, repeat, repeat...nine times.

Not that way that my body wants to run at 6:30 AM. Maybe at 9:00 AM or later, but not that time of the day. That time of the morning I all it really wants, hell let's be real, all it can do is put one foot in front of the other in a semi-conscious plod. This old body ain't loose and is just barely awake, even though the mind is pretty well functional and thinks we should be doing sub 6:00 minute paces or some shit like that.

Then with Bennie doing his thing...well it gets Harold a case of the grumpies and the left leg barks a lot more than it should.

So I did learn a couple of things this morning:

  1. I ain't ever gonna be an early morning runner
  2. The Bandit 2's are loosening up a bit too much in the toe box and the feeling like I am going to go over the side when landing is getting more pronounced, unless I purposely land heel-first. Yeah, every so often I sneak in a forefoot landing and when I do the outside of my forefoot lands first. Not a good combination.

Bonus knowledge gained - the tread/sole on the Bandit 2's is a bit dicey on new tar when it is wet (it rained last night), something about the oils on the new tar and sole consistency just ain't working too great together. Unfortunately, the new tar is right in front of the house, where I try to pick up the pace to finish. Not today, I wasn't going to have the neighbors going by and looking at me either face first on the tar or sitting on my arse on the side of the road.

Oh yeah, at work today was the first day of the Fall semester, where Friday was the end of the Summer semester and the overlap with semester start-up (plus all the first day craziness) and closing out the old semester, made for a lonnnnnggg day. Oh well, I can see this whole week being wacky and if the leg doesn't do any better, Bennie might only be doing a walk in the morning.

At some point I probably should just go put the boot on and force myself to wear it for two weeks, which is what the doc would tell me, well... "order". Then get back to training slowly instead of just keep re-injuring whatever is torn/broken or pissed at me. :-)

Naw, that makes too much sense and isn't what a Harold does.

And the beat keeps on beating on my head ;-)

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