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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo 2 - Initial Thoughts

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yeah, a second pair of Under Armour Shoes.

What in the hell happened?

For my birthday, I wanted a pair of "faster" and treadmill shoes that would complement my daily trainers. Initially, I chose something else, but they didn't work out and after looking around it seemed as though the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo 2's, fit the bill.

When I look at how I have run in them - the Apollo 2's have completely surprised me.

A little background

I was prepared to go all in with Nike in July, but the lack of durability in the LG7's and then when I tried on the Lunar Tempo 2's, that Bennie had ordered for my birthday, they had a plastic thing in the toe, which wasn't going to work for me. So much for going all in.

So I did some serious looking around at my other options.

Since I have been having Achilles issues for a couple of months, I wanted to have my shoes at least 8mm drop - it works better for me and my Achilles. After trying on a lot of shoes, it turns out that the second edition Under Armour shoes fit my feet - to the point that the last two pair of shoes that I have bought have been U/A.

Enough yakking, what do I think of the Apollo 2's.

I don't like to do this initial impression post, based on a single run, there are too many variables that are a part of a first run in a pair of shoes.

My first run in them was an outside run where I popped off 2 miles at sub 8:00, without pushing  and then slowed down to an easy last mile, and didn't think about the shoes after that initial couple of hundred yards.

My word for them after that run:


Today's run was on the treadmill and that gives me a chance to really focus on how the shoes feel, versus looking out for traffic, stuff in the road or whatever else draws my attention. The Apollo 2's did everything I asked of them, without any issues. Basically, I stopped thinking about them after the first quarter and just ran.

My word after that run:


Thoughts on the shoes.


  • Very comfortable and disappear on my feet
  • Run lighter than the actual weight (which is something that I have said before about Under Armour shoes)
  • No hot spots, do not bother my Tailor's Bunionette
  • Definitely Harold shoes - nice and bright color
  • No heel slip or slop


  • The tongue is a bit finicky to get just right when first putting the shoes on. However, once you it the way you want it, it doesn't move.
  • Might be considered more of a light-weight trainer than a race day shoe.
  • At 8.1 oz, they are not really 5K racing weight shoes for everyone.

The reality is

That the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo 2's really surprised me - in a good way.

I ran easily in the Apollo 2's and basically forgot about them, which is what I look for in a pair of running shoes.

The one thing that I know better than most is that the initial and even 50 mile reviews often fool's gold, so it remains to be seen how these shoes do over the next few months.

However, the initial impression is very good, let me say that again - very good.

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