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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week in Review - 8-14-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

What Happened This Week?

Not too much.

Another new pair of running shoes to add to the rotation, getting back to 30 miles, having one mile where things were back to the way they should be and oh yeah, something that happens every 4 years is going on.

Last night's 10,000 Meters race was a classic and with Mo falling down from a incidental contact with his training partner and then coming on to win the race. Then this morning the women's marathon in the heat/humidity was so impressive with 3 American women finishing in the top 10 on a tough course.

Running Summary

Weekly totals spreadsheet screenshot

Thoughts on this week’s running.

A nice week where I only had one double and still got the 30 miles for the week. The two runs in the Apollo's were good and that treadmill run made me smile a little.

Progress is being made, now to just keep moving forward.

Year-to-Date Progress

spreadsheet screenshot

Still moving forward.

Running Shoes

Running Shoe Rotation:
  • Under Armour Bandit 2
  • Under Armour Apollo 2
Thoughts about running shoes:
Yes, the new shoe rotation is a birthday present bonanza and they are both doing very well in their first week. I also got a kitchen scale, so that I can geek out on how much the shoes I am wearing weight, not just what someone else or the brand claims a certain size should weigh.

Shoes I Ran In This Week
Under Armour Speedform Bandit 2 - (9.3 oz) - Personal Purchase

So far, so good, it is something when a shoe disappears on your feet.

Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 - (8.1 oz) Personal Purchase

After two runs, I like, now to get a few more miles on them and see if my impressions hold up.

Other Shoes in the closet, but not being used

Nike Lunar Glide 7 - (9.4 oz) - Personal Purchase

A pretty big difference in the weights, they are listed at 9.4 and these are 8.8 oz. I have put them into semi-retirement and use them as my primary work shoes. They are still comfortable and I wouldn't hesitate to run in them if I had to, but the Bandit's have replaced them as my daily trainers. 

Nike Streak LT3 (5.3 oz-RW) - Personal Purchase

Once I finally get this Achilles issue resolved, I will just be using them for running fast.

Repeat after me Harold - the Nike Streak LT3's are not light-weight trainers, they are racing flats, so only use them for racing and speed work, use your other shoes for daily training or running longer distances other than in races!!!!!
Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road (8.3 oz) - Personal Purchase

Pearl Izumi EM/H3 Road (9.9 oz) - Personal Purchase

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail (9.3 oz) - Personal Purchase


Not racing for a while.


Left Achilles Tendon area: getting better, been doing a lot more eccentric drops, icing and self massage - had a short period of no limitations on it :-)
Hamstrings: no changes

The reality is that

I got back to 30 miles for the week and had a couple of quality runs, so I am getting back to my happy place with my running.

New shoes are always pretty cool and having two pair that seem to be working pretty well is a good thing.

That every 4 year event has had its moments, especially now that the track & field events are taking place, but NBC is still very weak on its coverage of long distance events. They do much better at short distances and other events.

A good week!

Now to just get all the miles back to where the stride is mine, free and easy and not adjusted due to that left leg.

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