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Monday, September 26, 2016

Gunshy Bennie - RunLog 9-26-16

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Bennie's least favorite time of year - hunting season. The weather might be great for running outside, but the guns of September started this morning...opening day of "duck" season. It started at 6:03 AM with a fusilade of 12 shots and then random 3-4 every so often until around 9:00.

Bennie turned into shakey baby and although we tried to do the first walk, about half-way down the driveway, we could hear the shots again and he wanted nothing to do with being outside and we headed back to the house.

I was raised in a hunting household, was a hunter for many years myself, so I understand the hunters and what they are out there doing. However, it does break my heart to see my little buddy be so scared by the noises he doesn't understand or like. Luckily, up here the gunshots only mean the opening day of another hunting season. In other parts of the Country, it seems as though they have a lot different meaning and a much more sinister one.

Especially, as we get closer to an election where there are really no winners based on the candidates who were chose by both all the political parties. It almost seems that outside forces and special interests are intent on influencing the election in the manner they believe will give them the best opportunity to move forward with their agendas and create more open divisions within our Nation.

So sad, at a time when we should be coming together, we are moving even further apart.

How was the run?

Once a truck went by us down by the Steven's, he was fine and turned into turbo Bennie who wanted to get it over with, but the old anchor at the other end of the leash, wasn't able to keep up and became...well the anchor. So there were 8 Bennie stops, some a lot longer than others and when the shooting started again down in the flat, he did pick it up a little again.

However the temps were such that it was a good run to have a couple of layers on and I didn't take my gloves off until we were done.

Overall, a pretty decent run, but at the same time I hope that those gunshots I continue to hear are simply hunters popping at critters, not humans shooting at humans.

It is time to come together and unite as a Country, because splintering into special interest groups that are doing their own thing is not working and plays into the hands of those who would like to bring us down to their level.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall is Definitely Heah - Week In Review 9-25-16

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First it officially became fall and the temps cooperated. It was almost as though someone (Mother Nature) realized what the date was and flipped the switch. The temps have dropped like a rock with the highs being in the high 50's/low 60' and overnight getting down into the 30's and 40's. Yep its fall.

Which means that it is also time to do the seasonal clothes change. Boy I didn't realize how many running tights, long sleeve tech shirts, pairs of gloves, merino wool socks and all the other accumulated fall/winter gear that I had packed away. Which is a good thing, it means that I don't have to go get anything right off.

Although I did have to get rid of some of my summer t-shirts and a long sleeve jacket shirt - the runner's funk was just too nasty, despite attempts at hanging on the line in the rain, after washing a couple of times. Yep it was BAD smelling enough that I could even smell them - that is damn bad.

I ran in something else other than the Inspire 11's, not because they are causing any issues, but because I just couldn't wait any longer.

I got a pair of Hitogami 2's in yellow/black colorway and they have been in the closet since the 13th. Sitting there waiting for me to run in them...I have been good and was pretty good during the run. I didn't go overboard on the speed part and still was able to run today, so I was good enough. Stopping at 2.0 miles was just about right. The H2's are going to be my speedy shoes and also the ones that I plan to do most of my treadmill work in.

Speaking of the Inspire 11's they just continue to work. No fuss, no muss, just run.

Definitely better than I expected and I know that I will pick up at least one more pair between now and Christmas -- for next year. I am only doing about 100 miles a month and I can see Inspire 11's getting a LOT more miles and if I am not using them for the treadmill (which I have a feeling might see a lot of time this year), they will last through the end of the year at least.

I figured that since the Inspire's have done so well and the first run in the H2's were so successful, I might just as well get a trail shoe that compliments what I am using. So I ordered the Mizuno Kazan 2's and hope they fit as well as the Inspire 11's do -- only on the trails. Time will tell on them.

That gives me my 3 shoe rotation and I hope it works well moving forward.

Yes, I have gone back to running primarily in Mizuno's. At this point in my running life, I am not blogging to review a the newest and greatest running shoes, I am just running in what works for me where I am now and attempting to find them for the best (read cheapest) price possible.

Which usually means hold-overs and models that are 1-3 years old. So if you are looking for the newest running shoes there are a lot better choices out there. Personally, I recommend Sam Winebaum at Road, Trail Run and Thomas Nueberger at Believe in the Run, they do a great job on their reviews and give honest reviews of the shoes they run in. More on this in a different post that I have planned.

So how was my running this week?


As long as I keep running slower and not attempt to recreate any land speed records or run more than 5.0 miles the leg seems to hold together pretty good. If I do go a bit quicker or attempt to run 4-5 miles too many days in a row, I pay for it and have to throttle back.

So right now I am still in the 3 steps forward 2 steps back, but still making progress phase.

I ran 27.3 miles this week, which is just about the recommended 10% after last week's 25.4, so I am staying on the 10% rule and as much as I would love to run more, I think for now that is almost the max for a week's total, I might be able to consistently run 30, but for a while that will be my goal.

The other thing is that I am keeping the intensity of the runs much more reasonable, primarily in Zone 1 or around 0.85. Although I did a couple of miles at a bit quicker pace than usual during that first run in the Hitogrami 2's, but it was inconsistent and I backed off when I could feel the leg starting to get grumpy. Even so I was still able to get a sub 8:00 minute mile for the second one, without breaking anything.

Overall, a very good week and one that has me feeling more positive about the direction of my running.

A Deceptive Run - RunLog 9-25-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

The weather has definitely broken, in the 40's, weak sunshine, a northerly breeze made if feel a bit like Fall. The long sleeve tech shirt was needed and I wouldn't have minded a another layer under it, but hey I survived ;-)

I really do have to laugh when I look at the GPS graph that Bennie and I create, it looks like a bad day or a lot of Fartlek.

With these kind of splits you would imagine that the run was pretty consistent

Oh well that is just a typical run with Bennie.

Especially, when there is a lot of traffic down-back and Bennie going into 4-paw drive. The last mile was interrupted by the neighbor's dogs (Depot & Sassy) coming out into the road to visit and almost get hit by another neighbor's truck. So that was that last big dip and then picking the pace up quickly, finished off by turning and running the last part with Mary.

It was a decent run, with some faster sections and Bennie stops, but for the most part I was just enjoying the run or was that being a 160 pound anchor?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Run Mizuno Hitogami 2 - RunLog 9-24-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I got bored this afternoon and decided that it was time to run in the Mizuno Hitogami 2's.

Yes, these are the Hitogami 2's, not the 3 or 4. They are a marked down, hold-over from 2014/2015 that I got through Amazon for under $50. The other thing is that I got them on 9/13 and put them in the closet and said that I wouldn't use them until my leg was feeling better, a lot better.

Why the Mizuno Hitogami 2's? 

I wanted to have a pair of "faster for me" shoes available when I finally get back to running faster and racing. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a these shoes, since I wasn't sure when that was going to happen, which meant that I was going to get something on the cheap.

I have always loved the yellow and black colorway on the Hitogami 2 and I knew that it was a little wider than the Hitogami 3's from trying them on back in the day and reviews online. It checked off the boxes I was looking for, although I was really tempted and actually would have preferred to get the Ronin 4's that were on Amazon, but for an extra $40, for a 4-5 year old shoe, I just couldn't do it.

Unfortunately, I do have some personal experience with the Hitogami line (I got a pair of Hitogami 3's for Christmas 2014) and returned them because they hurt my tailor's bunionette. That experience made wonder how the Hitogami 2's would work for me.
Christmas Mizuno Hitogami's 2014

However, I was enjoying the Mizuno's and wanted to really stay with one brand for a while - that  do something different for a change.

Enough why

Well the leg is feeling better and I figured as long as I wasn't too stoopid (I am working on not being quite as bad as I used to be), I could run decently in them. Not at race pace, but something closer to 8:00 for a couple of miles.

The first mile was to get to know the shoes, so it was slow and easy. I knew that they would not have the cushioning I have gotten used to, but they felt fast, even though I wasn't going fast. It take a little time to get things just so and adjust the stride to the new shoes.

The second mile I did a little more and then would back off, then pick it up again - not intervals, but not the slower running I ave been doing lately. I could tell I was getting tired because my left leg was slapping the ground a bit more than I like. Although I did pick it up pretty good that last part. I purposely shut it down and coasted to the end. The leg wasn't barking, but I was starting to feel the tightness that tells me that I wouldn't be running in the morning if I kept pushing.

I did have to adjust the laces and for a first, I had to tighten them up, usually I have to loosen things up. I have a feeling it will take a few more runs to get them just right, but I am not really liking the stock laces all that much. I am almost certain that I will stop at Dick's to get a set of LockLaces.

Running faster felt strange since I haven't done it for a while, things just felt out of sync and as much as I want to get back to it. I also know that it will take a while longer, before I start doing it regularly. Just to make sure I don't screw things up again.

The H2's felt good and it will be interesting to see how they do compared to the H3's which didn't.

Run #1 

Oh yeah, Bennie and I also did a 4.0 mile run this morning. Typical Bennie run. The Inspires did well as usual.

The Long Shadows of Fall

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Friday, September 23, 2016

A Little Faster - RunLog 9-23-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

A nice rainy day, we need it badly and you know something I rather enjoyed myself out there. Yeah, I got the stink-eye look as I left PF from the front desk person who just glared when I said I would be back in a while. Not sure what that was about, but I had my running togs on and it was raining pretty steady out there.

Once I got out the door and got started, it felt just about right for a good run. So I decided to pick up the pace a little  to a slow Zone 2 and see how that felt.

I didn't have a good first 1/2 mile, nothing seemed smooth and the breathing was way out of wack. I kind of wondered if I was going to have to cut it short, yeah it felt that bad. Once I got past the the turn, I started to feel a bit better and picked up the pace.

The rain continued to come down steadily and I just kept going along at a comfortable pace with a little push. Dang that stretch coming back up Leighton Road was just a steady grade and by the time I got to the top, I could tell I had been running uphill for a ways. Once I got back on Outer Civic Center Drive, I was actually feeling pretty damn good and really, really wanted to put the hammer down and finish hard.

I didn't - I stayed smart and just did a little push, but stayed well within myself and didn't hurt the leg.

Four hours later, the leg is feeling decent and while I would have liked to see how I would have done, I have a feeling the leg would be talking nasty to me if I had. It just is not ready for faster running yet and as much as I want to get going, I HAVE TO  stay on course and just keep running within the limits my leg has for now.

Yes, it is hard.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nice Day for a Double Run - RunLog 9-22-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

My first double-run in a few weeks, I have tried to be very conservative during September, but this afternoon for lunch, I just couldn't resist getting out on the road/trails at UMA again. It was probably the last warm day for a while almost 80*F and while it was too warm for a great run, I sure did work up a pretty good sweat.

This morning's run down-back

Run #1

Just a very typical run with Bennie, but it was in the 60's with low humidity so it was just about perfect weather for a run and still work up a decent amount of sweat. The town crew was working on the ditches at the top of Steven's Hill so Bennie was pretty meechy heading towards them.

Once we got past them he picked up the pace and then we had a steady pace pretty much to Bartlett. Coming back he was not as interested in going along and we had quite a few more stops that seemed to take a little longer than the ones going out.

I do like the Garmin stat of Overall (30:16) time vs moving time (29:44), it gives me an idea of how much time I lose when we did the 7 Bennie stops. Although I did slow down coming back up the hill as usual.

Run #2

I wanted to run. What can I say I love to run and wanted to get out this afternoon. One thing I do have to laugh about is that I forgot to pack my outer shorts. Yeah I am a bit of an old fogey and while I wear compression shorts every run (I hate chaffing and vaselines is so messy), I don't wear them alone - they are my underwear. Well I do keep a pair of spare shorts out in the truck and I needed to get to them, but didn't want to waste precious time during my lunch. I figured that a lot of the women runners this is all they wear and many triathletes - the same thing. So I went out to the truck with just my compression shorts on. Luckily, I didn't meet anyone ;-)

Once I finally got going, I didn't try to run fast, but I did run with a decent stride during the first mile while I was on the tar. However, once I hit the trails, I just automatically slowed down, but did better than I have for a while.

Then once I got back on the tar I picked it up again. Even so, my left leg started to not feel quite right, so I shut it down at 2.5, instead of just forcing myself to finish the full 5K that I had planned. See I can run smart sometimes and tonight instead of being miserable and knowing that I wasn't going to run tomorrow. Instead I feel petty good and am looking forward to a nice run tomorrow.

I have no idea of what the 3 stops on the graph are, because I never stopped during the run???

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Raining Sweat Again - RunLog 9-20-16

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Well the hat rained yet again this morning!!!

Gotta hate it when that happens, but it is what it is. 100% humidity, but no rain makes the run a slog, even when the temps are "only" 64*F.

The first couple of miles were pretty decent, even though Bennie had to plenty of stops to make this morning, you know one of those 9 stop mornings, that just take the wind out of your sails, especially when the going is more like swimming than running.

After the 8th stop, I just lost focus and kind of plodded along, until the end.

Not the greatest run ever, but I did get it done.

Then I thought about running this afternoon, but the leg was bothering a bit more than I like, so I decided instead to do:

5:00 minutes on the rowing machine - 250 meters
20:13 minutes on the elliptical - 2.0 miles

Not super crazy about either machine, but it they did use muscles differently than I am used to, especially the rowing machine - that good all over workout. The ellipitical was boring, but I found to 10* hill and 10 level to be the right combo for me.

What Bennie thought about running 4.0 miles in that stuff.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Thinking About Form & Running Relaxed 4.0 Miles - RunLog 9-19-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well this was a little weird, when Bennie and I were walking down the driveway, we could hear off in the distance a little thumping (either Thunder or something) and Bennie decided to just head right back to the house.

I tried a couple of things, but he was having nothing to do with it. So I went out for a run by myself and you know something, I missed the little bugger, but also I probably ran a little more consistently and certainly didn't have any "rest" stops this morning.

However, I did enjoy the light rain at the start of the run and kind of wished that it had continued for the whole run, instead of stopping about halfway through. Then it got humid, that 100% humidity thing, without the rain drops to cool me off.

I have been reading 80/20 by Matt Fitzgerald and something that he wrote in the book about form and attempting to change running form really hit me square between the eyes:

Becoming a more skillful and efficient runner is more like growing a beard than it is like chopping wood. In other words, you don’t make it happen—you allow it to happen. The true essence of skillful running is not correct movements of the limbs but a quiet brain. Therefore the proper goal of all efforts to improve running skill is to reduce brain activity during the act of running. Any measure that helps a runner run more unconsciously is guaranteed to result in better performance. 
Likewise, any measure that increases brain activation during running will worsen performance. Consciously altering your natural stride is one such measure. Devoting any more conscious attention to your stride than is strictly necessary is like reverting to an earlier stage in your development as a runner, when the stride action was less familiar and intense self-consciousness was unavoidable.

After all the years that I attempted to change my personal running form to something "better", today I simply used the mantra "relaxed running" whenever I found myself tensing up or thinking about what I "should" be doing. In other words I just let myself run and didn't focus or think about how my feet were landing, how long my stride was, where my arms were and all the other things that the experts say I should be running like.

How did I do?


I still didn't let myself purposely speed up, went by effort more than pace and didn't look at my watch to see what the splits were until I uploaded the run to Garmin.

I was surprised at the consistency of the pace (except for mile 3 - coming back up the Bitch I am always slow). Having 3 out of 4 splits within 4 seconds of each other was best I have done in a while and that is without attempting to go faster.

Overall, a really good run that is going to make me think even more.

Mini Vacation, Hiking and Run Streaking - Week In Review 9-18-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Last week was a very good week.

  1. We went over to Gorham, NH and got away from all the daily responsibilities of home. It was nice to walk, go for hikes, run a little, get back in a sauna, pool & hot tub (which seemed to help my pesky left leg). Yeah, I think the locals have had enough of tourists by now and were well cranky, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Although we will probably be looking for a new place to stay, our usual haunt is starting to get pretty tired looking.
  2. I have an 18 day running streak in tact, ummmm the week in review is on the 18th, so more than likely I have run all of September. It hasn't been bothering because my runs have mostly been Zone 1 or some slower Zone 2, nothing fast. You know right around that 9:00 minute pace thing.
  3. For the year I went over a 1,000 miles! Which back in June I thought was in serious jeopardy. Now to see if can creep up on that 1,500 mile goal that I had for this year. I had planned on doing less miles this year, but don't think I will get over the 1,500 mile goal, if I do it will be just barely.

  4. This week I made it up to 25 miles without the left leg killing me and I even got in a comfortable 5.0 miler on Sunday. As I said before, nothing really fast, but steady and consistent running is happening.

  5. I also continued my streak of only running in the Mizuno Inspire 11's, same streak as the running streak - 18 days. I did the 50 mile review and while I am very happy with the 11's so far, I am not going to get on the hype machine and say they are a great shoe. I am content that they are simply working well for me. They also did a pretty good job on some pretty nasty sections of trail too.

  6. Surprisingly, I got in a pair of Hitogami 2's and guess what, other than taking them out of the box to weigh and look at, I haven't even bothered to put them on. Until the left leg gets a lot better, they are going to stay in the closet. I can deal with the steady running right now, but speedwork kills the leg and sets me up for re-injury.

    So I will keep them in the box, in the closet and maybe sometime in late October/November get them out once a week to do some faster work.
  7. Added Bonus: The Patriots beat the Dolphins and Red Sox swept the Yankees, so all is right with the world. :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Longer Run and still feeling fine - RunLog 9-18-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

After three days that included four hikes and three runs, you would think that today would have been a nice day to take off, so of course I go out and do the longest run I have done in almost a month. What else is new?

But really, the leg is feeling better as long as I don't attempt to go faster and stay around my zone 1 for most of the run, you know - keeping things over that magical 9:00 minute pace.

Yeah the legs felt a little tired when I started and all I wanted to do was finish the run without crashing and burning too much. It seemed like I was constantly throttling back, and without realizing it speeding back up, then purposely slowing back down for that first mile or so. Once I got down on Tiffany, I found my stride and just tried to run easy and keep a steady effort.

Coming back up Stevens Hill I really slowed down, it was more a focus issue than anything else, because I wasn't hurting or anything. Then I picked it back up to where I wanted to be over the last mile. Although it wasn't what you can call even pacing.

Most of the run, I focused more on running relaxed and not worrying about form, where the feet were landing or any of the other things that I tend to think about to "improve" my running. The only thing that I purposely worked on was keeping the stride length shorter, since when I stretch out to my regular stride and toe-off, it bothers my left Achilles tendon. So I have adjusted my stride by shortening it to allow me to run in less discomfort. Hopefully, it is more efficient than my usual one, time will tell.

The 94% humidity did get my attention and the last couple of miles were tougher - I actually preferred the 36*F on Friday to the 65*F w/high humidity, but I will take either one for a while longer, because they are better than the -10*F with biting wind chills that is coming this winter.

The longest run in over a month and I did get over the 1,000 mile total for 2016.

Today We Die A Little - Book Review

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

For my birthday back in August, I received three running books for my birthday and Today We Die  A Little was one of them. It is also the one that took the longest for me to read, but yet the first that I wanted to write a review on.

Today We Die A Little was hard for me to read because the author gave us the man, not just the larger than life hero, that so many biographies tend to do. Some parts were just difficult for me to read, because some of the history in the book was front page news when I was growing up.

This book was less about a great runner and more about the man behind and beyond Zatopek the runner, though it did give the highlights of his triumphs and there were many. It gave glimpses into a world that is very different from the one we live in today.

One where the freedoms that many of us take for granted in the West, were not a part of the daily life of people or athletes - those people I grew up "knowing" as the enemy. To me growing up Zatopek was a name that was foreign and he was a Communist that wanted to conquer the world as we knew it. At least that is what we were told.

As I have gotten older, I have found out people are mostly just people, who have hopes, dreams, want to live their lives in peace and not be bothered by governments more than they have to be.

Emile Zatopek was loved or admired by other athletes and many people of his era for his humanness, honesty, love of life and generosity. Even so, the persona he became and the privileges he enjoyed as successful Olympic athlete, also brought on petty jealousies and retribution from officials who wanted to bring him down when he went outside of the official party line.

The book goes into great detail about Zatopek's struggles with authority during his "glory years" and even after his career was over.

Which is something that I did not expect, a book describing how quickly and brutally Zatopek's fall from grace was orchestrated. Then how even in the depths that he had to sink, how Zatopek managed to keep living, despite the changes the fall brought to his life. It made me wonder of the conversations that were done behind closed doors and the threats that were probably made, that influenced Zatopek's choices during that time and how he chose to basically go into exile and agree to show support for things that he didn't agree with at times, to protect those that he loved.

While I was reading the parts of the book that showed some of these struggles, I wondered how would I have handled being in the military and a successful athlete on the international stage during the repressive Communist rule that was a part of the 50's and 60's. Hopefully, I would have done as well as Zatopek did, but if I am honest with myself...I don't know and that is scary.

You know, toe the party line enough to survive, get by and not lose the privileges and lifestyle that was earned by being a successful athlete. In other words, if I put myself in Zatopek's place during that time, would I have stood up to the leadership of the day to the extent that he did and then attempting to know when to back down to not lose everything. Which often means swallowing your pride and doing what is necessary to survive.

It is one thing to be a hero (don't we all want to be one) and another thing to not lose the life and lifestyle you have worked hard to attain and become accustomed to. Sometimes it is easier to not be a hero and leads to a longer a life and less time in prison. I think the title Today We Die A Little, explains a little more than just the pain Zatopek felt during a race, it might also describe some of the periods of his life after the "glory days".

Biographers typically go either one of two ways when it comes to telling the story of the person they are writing about. They either tend to put them on a pedestal or attempt to bury them in the shame of their follies and deeds. I believe that while Askwith presented Zatopek's life in a mostly positive light, he did attempt to show that Zatopek was also a man, with weaknesses, someone who was not always right and that he definitely was not a saint.

Askwith showed Zatopek as a complex man, who was a great athlete, but also a man who lived in a difficult and turbulent time in history. One where unless you literally walked in Zatopek shoes, it is not up to us to judge the choices that he made or were forced upon him.

You notice that my book review is less about Zatopek the runner, because as impressive as his running exploits were...I was more impressed with Zatopek the man. Although I would love to see with modern training methods and today's finely tuned tracks, the times he would be capable of doing.

I have a feeling his greatness would be as transcendent today, as it was then.

A very good book that I will be keeping my library and re-read again as some point. Yes, it was that good.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Badly Needed Run - RunLog 9-17-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.


Going away for a few days, is nice and all that, but at the same time there is no place like home.

After a four hikes, one in Gorham in the last three days, I didn't bother talking about and then the three hour drive home, I was wiped. We unpacked, did some quick stuff and then I took a nap. The only reason I woke up was that I was snoring so loud that I woke myself up an hour later.

I have a small running streak going and while I was feeling tired, I wanted to get out get a short run in. So I went for an easy 3.0 mile run. I have been reading Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 and purposely slowed down a lot.

Every time I would speed up, I purposely slowed back down. I finished well and didn't feel like crap. Although the legs were tired when I started out, they felt pretty strong by the time I was finishing. In other words, I needed the run.

Distance: 3.31
Time: 30:59
Pace: 9:22
Shoes: Inspire 11

Tired Legs and Mud Brook Trail Hike

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

We both were sore from all the hiking (yes, hiking using a LOT different muscles than running) and we didn't feel like doing a whole lot of nothing this morning.  However, after we left Gorham this morning and wanted to stop and do a hike

There was a sign for hiking in here and we have been wondering what kind of a hike it is for several years, so today on the way out of Gorham we stopped to do the hike.

What we found was not really a hike, more of a short walk to see this:

While it was pretty cool and all that, it certainly wasn't what we expected. A sort of carved face on a rock, but no hike. While the carving was cool, it wasn't what we were looking for.

So we headed back down the road towards Maine.

When we got to Gilead, we took the right and found a lot of trails, we took a chance on the Mud Brook Trail and it was a nice hike. However, we didn't go to the top of the mountain, we turned around at the big log.

It was a bit tougher than we expected, but sometimes you gotta know when to turn around. My leg started to bother when the trail got pretty steep, so instead of abusing it, it was time to go back down.