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Thursday, September 8, 2016

A better day than Expected - RunLog 9-7-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

There 3 days in a row staying on course and not pushing the leg to any extremes. It is starting to feel a little better than it has and as long as I stay on this path, I have a feeling it will continue to progress.

The hard part is that when I run with Bennie, if he notices vehicles or other critters (birds, turkeys, deer, other dogs, etc.), he either wants to chase them off/out of his territory and according to Bennie, his territory is wherever he is.  :-)

When he does this of course we pick up the pace considerably, often suddenly and he tends to pull a little to one side or the other. Which of course doesn't help the leg and has led to a some of the issues that seem to keep coming around. So when these interval opportunities happen, I have been attempting to be an anchor instead of the enabling wheel and the leg is thanking me for it.

So yesterday's morning run was pretty uneventful, we didn't see other critters, Bennie got to do his stops, I worked on maintaining good form and we didn't try to fly like the wind, well we did one time, but the SUV got out of the way in a hurry and Bennie settled back into his slower pace fairly quickly.

But boy was it humid, I would have to say somewhere around 100%, because when I got done, the shirt was soaked and my hat was raining sweat after only 3.3 miles.

Distance: 3.3
Time: 30:14
Pace: 9:08
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 11


In the afternoon, I really, really wanted to go for another run outside. When I got to the gym my left leg was still a little tight from the morning run, so I did some foam rolling and easy stretches to see if it would loosen up. Something kept telling me this isn't a good idea today, so I did a quick walk around the parking lot and decided to not run, because the leg just was not loosening up.

See I can be smarter once in a while. :-)

I went back inside and lifted weights for 20 minutes (I know, but I do not really enjoy weights, but I am at least starting to do them) and then felt good enough that I decided to get on the treadmill for a mile. I started out at 6.0 mph and after a minute or so had to push it up to 6.5 mph. I had told myself before I got on that I would not go over that speed and even though I wanted to I stayed right there.

Distance: 1.01
Time: 9:26
Pace: 9:20
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 11

Actually, when I got done with the workout, my leg felt better, not worse. Which is a very good sign, but it stiffens up pretty quickly and by the time I got out of the truck to go back to work, the leg had done it thing and was stiffening back up, but it still felt better than before, so that was good.

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