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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A bit of Drizzle, A Little too Much Excitement & Finish Another Book - RunLog 9-6-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

This morning's run was another no GPS run and we just plugged along, speeding up when Bennie wanted to. The weather was nice for running, a light mist, we are getting the edges of Hermine as she goes by.

However, when we went by the skunk someone threw down on the side of the road and is definitely outgassing (almost at vomit level - hold your shirt over your face and not breath in anymore than you have to), especially when we scared up the Turkey Vultures who were feeding on the carcass and they flew off. Bennie wanted to fly after them, but settled for barking and telling them to get lost.

I didn't look at the mile time and wasn't too concerned about how many times we stopped, other than to turn on and on my watch each time. It was a nice and relaxing run.

Although towards the end it did get a bit more humid.

Not a bad, run and nothing special either, but starting to just run to comfort level and letting the leg tell me how fast to go.

Time:  30:02
Distance: 3.30
Pace: 9:06
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 11

Then tonight on the way home from work, I got to witness a bad accident where stoopid and drunk were probably major factors in what happened. Luckily everyone walked or ran away and the cops are taking care of the rest.

Last night I finished

I am not sure whether I will write a book review or not, it was a quick read and I enjoyed the information, but at the same time there is something about his writing that leaves me wanting something different. I felt the same way after I got through reading Running with the Kenyans. So while there is a lot of good information about running in Japan, I just felt as though there was more that could have been written about or the focus less on him. I wonder what his next adventure will be.

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