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Friday, September 9, 2016

A Bit Warmish - RunLog 9-9-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Another one of those busy days, starting out with a quick flip-flop to Portland's JetPort and then hustling back to get to work on time. So I started out in hurry-up mode and went from there. So when lunch-time came around, I was ready for a good run.

Unfortunately, when I stepped outside, the heat hit me like a blast furnace, but I was gonna run one way or another. However, today I started something slightly different with my going to the gym. Instead of driving over, I took the extra 4-5 minutes to walk over. Which does a couple of things first it really lets me know how the weather is going to be and also a chance to warm the body up by walking a 1/2 mile to the gym.

So I had a chance to acclimate a bit before I actually started to run, which is something that I usually do not get a chance to do and while it was a warm 86*F with some humidity, by the time I got to the gym I had a nice sheen of sweat started and my leg had loosened up to feeling pretty good. So it is something that I plan to keep doing for a while.

The run was a usual hot weather run...start out decently and then slow down a little each mile. I knew this was going to happen, so I purposely went down the trail and stayed on the flatter sections and came back out to do the tar, instead of the lower hills, which actually worked pretty well. I did purposely slow down once I got on the trails, I wanted to make sure of my landing on them and not stretch the leg wrong on a root or hole.

It was definitely hot and by the time I got through running, it looked like I been swimming. A pretty decent run, in spite of the heat.

Distance: 3.11
Time: 28:58
Pace: 9:19
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 11

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