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Friday, September 23, 2016

A Little Faster - RunLog 9-23-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

A nice rainy day, we need it badly and you know something I rather enjoyed myself out there. Yeah, I got the stink-eye look as I left PF from the front desk person who just glared when I said I would be back in a while. Not sure what that was about, but I had my running togs on and it was raining pretty steady out there.

Once I got out the door and got started, it felt just about right for a good run. So I decided to pick up the pace a little  to a slow Zone 2 and see how that felt.

I didn't have a good first 1/2 mile, nothing seemed smooth and the breathing was way out of wack. I kind of wondered if I was going to have to cut it short, yeah it felt that bad. Once I got past the the turn, I started to feel a bit better and picked up the pace.

The rain continued to come down steadily and I just kept going along at a comfortable pace with a little push. Dang that stretch coming back up Leighton Road was just a steady grade and by the time I got to the top, I could tell I had been running uphill for a ways. Once I got back on Outer Civic Center Drive, I was actually feeling pretty damn good and really, really wanted to put the hammer down and finish hard.

I didn't - I stayed smart and just did a little push, but stayed well within myself and didn't hurt the leg.

Four hours later, the leg is feeling decent and while I would have liked to see how I would have done, I have a feeling the leg would be talking nasty to me if I had. It just is not ready for faster running yet and as much as I want to get going, I HAVE TO  stay on course and just keep running within the limits my leg has for now.

Yes, it is hard.

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