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Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Longer Run and still feeling fine - RunLog 9-18-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

After three days that included four hikes and three runs, you would think that today would have been a nice day to take off, so of course I go out and do the longest run I have done in almost a month. What else is new?

But really, the leg is feeling better as long as I don't attempt to go faster and stay around my zone 1 for most of the run, you know - keeping things over that magical 9:00 minute pace.

Yeah the legs felt a little tired when I started and all I wanted to do was finish the run without crashing and burning too much. It seemed like I was constantly throttling back, and without realizing it speeding back up, then purposely slowing back down for that first mile or so. Once I got down on Tiffany, I found my stride and just tried to run easy and keep a steady effort.

Coming back up Stevens Hill I really slowed down, it was more a focus issue than anything else, because I wasn't hurting or anything. Then I picked it back up to where I wanted to be over the last mile. Although it wasn't what you can call even pacing.

Most of the run, I focused more on running relaxed and not worrying about form, where the feet were landing or any of the other things that I tend to think about to "improve" my running. The only thing that I purposely worked on was keeping the stride length shorter, since when I stretch out to my regular stride and toe-off, it bothers my left Achilles tendon. So I have adjusted my stride by shortening it to allow me to run in less discomfort. Hopefully, it is more efficient than my usual one, time will tell.

The 94% humidity did get my attention and the last couple of miles were tougher - I actually preferred the 36*F on Friday to the 65*F w/high humidity, but I will take either one for a while longer, because they are better than the -10*F with biting wind chills that is coming this winter.

The longest run in over a month and I did get over the 1,000 mile total for 2016.

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