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Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Lot Of Little Changes - Week In Review 9-3-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Sometime we get so enamoured with staying in between the lines that we forget that to really live life we have to live it beyond and outside the lines. Our paths are not someone else's and if we attempt to live our lives the way that others expect or want us to live them...well is it our life any longer?

Now it is time to pass back through the gates then get back on the correct trail for me, not anyone else.

The path does look rather interesting, some parts of it might even be familiar, although they have have changed a bit, since the last time I came this way.

First you might notice, I am going away from my week in review template, why you may ask?

Honestly, I don't need it anymore.

It has done its job, I got where I needed to be and now have moved beyond the need to keep using it.

Blogging is not about scripting your posts to meet unrealistic expectations or to ensure that you don't forget to include something. No, blogging to me is to tell a story, to entertain the readers, maybe even to educate some, but also to give a glimpse into pieces of your life that otherwise would not be shared and more importantly to have the memory of what you were thinking about when you wrote the blog post.

Simply writing to a formula or format diminishes the power of your writing and that is what I found myself doing more and more, so I have stopped. Oh there may be some structure to my blogging, but I will not be hauling out the templates again any time soon.

That was the week's first little change.

Yes, I ran this week and wanted to amp up my training again just because I was feeling that I still needed to get ready for a race at the end of the month and I began to think about ways to run it fast in spite of the my left leg and its issues.

Unfortunately or fortunately, Monday's run brought me back to reality and it was then that I decided start making all these little changes.

The leg needs more time to heal and recover, probably I need to put it in a boot for two weeks and not walk on it - yeah right and I'll go nuts if I do.

If I go to a race -- any race, I know me. I will get caught up in the moment and I will push the pace far beyond what is smart and be right back to square one with my injured leg - again. The Ground Hog's Day approach to healing an injury and I am finding out that it ain't working too well.

I have decided that 3.0 miles is enough for me for a while and unless I get a wild hair across my arse once a day should be good too. Once the leg starts to actually feel better, I will SLOWLY start to increase my running again. I want to keep my runs loose and spontaneous, you know let Coach Bennie do the thinking about what we are going to do that day.

I am taking a time-out from training and just going back to running chaotically, but good (a little RPG humor there - since that is probably my alignment). It seems whenever I start to train for something or attempt to follow a training plan to get ready for some kind of a race, that I don't end up running well. It might be myself subconsciously self-sabotaging my running or just not enjoying staying between the lines, while doing something that for me, is inherently something that takes me outside of the lines.

Which means my fall 2016 racing calendar has been cleared, I don't plan on doing any races at all until next year. So my running has no pressure to do certain paces, run a particular distance by a set date or dates. I can get back to running because I love it, not because I have some race to prepare for and then my over-competitive self gets carried away and does something stoopid.

Another little change this week.

As I get closer, a lot closer to 60 years on this planet, my running is changing and I have to accept that fact. My tendons do not stretch as nicely as they used to and all the old scar tissue that has built up makes running in those wonderful 5-6 ounce, low drop racing flats - a memory. Good memories, but no more will be made in those type of running shoes and if I do, well there are consequences for bad choices. Also, I have found that lower drop and my Achilles are not a good combination, so I am moving away from those lower drop shoes that seems to wreak havoc with my lower legs.

Also when I think back, really have all the fad shoes with the maximal, minimal, lower drop, rockered soles, etc., or having a specific type of shoe for a particular workout -- have they really made me a better runner?


While I had fun, learned a lot about running shoes, spent a lot of money on them - I still get injured, I still run inconsistently and blame my running shoes for far more than I should.

So 12 pairs of running shoes will be leaving the premises within the next few weeks. I returned the the two pair of Under Armour shoes as I explained in my A Change In Direction to the Running Shoe post and then 10 more will be going down the highway that I talked about in my Summer Shoe Purge & Wanna Trade post.

Which represents a huge deal to me the shoe hoarder and runner who is constantly wants to run in something else and bought into the more running shoes in a rotation the better it is.

My running shoe rotation for the next month or two will probably be a pair of Mizuno Inspire 11's and if I need to do some crappy weather running, my Pearl Izumi N1 Trail v1's.

Just a 2 shoe rotation, not 5, 10, 15 - lordy-sakes alive - can you believe that I can actually do it?

I know heresy, but at the same time, it is something I feel that I have to do.

So that is another minor change that occurred this week.

The reality is that

After I made the conscious decision to make these changes a funny thing happened...I relaxed. No, the leg did not spontaneous heal or anything, but it did start to feel good enough to run again and the Inspire 11's seem do something positive when I am running in them - time will tell if they are the shoe I need. Well as long as I don't attempt to walk behind the lawn mower for 2 hours after doing a 3.0 mile run every day, the leg will probably get better.

I really thought long and hard about giving up technology and going back to just running with my old, trusty Timex, then simply logging it in the spreadsheet, but then I think that I would miss being on Strava and getting some of the stats that I like from using a GPS watch. So I haven't gone down that road -- yet. However, I have left that door open and might just do it, if something happens to my old 310xt or if I keep worrying too much about the "graph" that my runs make.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if I did at some point.

Sometimes we have to go backwards to go forward and that is what I am doing with my running. Especially, with my running shoes by going back to a more traditional trainer and a brand that trust more than some.

My favorite chair on the way to Goodwill and Elliott saying it can't leave yet

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