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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cold Run & Coldwater Falls Hike - RunLog 9-16-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Day 2 of the mini vacation over in Gorham.

We woke up to 36*F and some fogginess for Bennie & my run. For some reason I had my gloves in my jacket pocket and guess what, I didn't complain a bit about having them the entire time we were running that morning. Bennie was at his stop and smell the new sniffs - over 14 stops, 10 in the first mile, so the time is a bit off, but close enough.

Other having the first cold run of the fall, which actually felt invigorating, I was disappointed with being in Gorham...for the first time in the 16 years we have been going there, we felt like we wouldn't want to go back.

Everything seemed super expensive (I guess they are still on summer pricing), then throw in an over-priced bad pizza, plus sketchy service from our usual go-to places in Gorham, the coffee sucking at Dunkins the next morning...well it just wasn't a great way to begin the vacation. It seemed the entire time we were in Gorham, almost everyone seemed to have an ant up their whinney and while we were there the cashiers all seemed to share the same "why are you bothering me attitude".

That attitude seemed to pervade the entire time from other tourists to the wheeler crowd, truckers going by, everyone was in a hurry, except when we met people on the trails or the few times Bennie and I met people when we were running and they were laughing at the anchor being pulled along by a little dawg. ;-)

It seemed like people's minds were elsewhere and a couple more tourists just needed spend their money and go away.

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