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Friday, September 2, 2016

First Real Run in the Mizuno Inspire 11's - RunLog 9-2-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

What an amazingly gorgeous day!!! Low 70's, low humidity, a nice breeze and lots of sunshine, how could it not be a great run.


it was.

I had a couple hours of comp time and I decided this morning it would be a great day to use those hours. So when I went for lunch, I headed over to the gym, did some stretching and foam rolling before the run, I wasn't in a hurry and just relaxed.

While yesterday, I did get out and run in the Mizuno Inspire 11's, today was the first real run in them.  I must say, for a pair of Mizuno's they feel very cushioned and dare I say fairly quiet compared to most of the other Mizuno's that I have run in. Which surprised me because I am used to the slappy sounds when I have run in Mizuno's before and generally have been on the firm side of the cushion scale.

The first big dip was a stop to finish calibrating my foot pod and the second one when I was going by the 3 people walking - they were taking up the whole path and I wasn't sure how I was going to go around them, the last one...I was just getting tired and lost focus.

Generally, I put the Footpod on my treadmill/faster shoes, but I am not going to get or use a pair of "faster" shoes for a while, so I just put it on the Inspire's and plan to use them for just about all my running over the next month, maybe two. Which meant that I had to get it set up for running on the treadmill.

Enough about shoes, the run itself was pleasant, the left leg was a bit tight, but didn't interfere with my stride and I maintained a pretty consistent effort, even though the pace graph doesn't really agree with me.

Although, I had to chuckle a little, those 3 people who were walking on the sidewalk back to Randall and I was coming up on them, must have been off in their own little world, because when I went by they were startled. I called out "sorry" and I could hear them laughing about it. Who knows, maybe the Inspire's are a bit quieter than I thought (which is a good thing).

Overall, I was very pleased with the run and was feeling relaxed enough that I did some more foam rolling after and did 50 pulls on the rowing machine. I am starting slow and would like to work up to 10:00 minutes or so - after my runs when I have time - I hate weight lifting (just being honest) and it would be a nice way to cross-train a little - I do know that I need some strength work and that probably would be better than most ways for me.

A very good day.

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