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Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Run Mizuno Hitogami 2 - RunLog 9-24-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I got bored this afternoon and decided that it was time to run in the Mizuno Hitogami 2's.

Yes, these are the Hitogami 2's, not the 3 or 4. They are a marked down, hold-over from 2014/2015 that I got through Amazon for under $50. The other thing is that I got them on 9/13 and put them in the closet and said that I wouldn't use them until my leg was feeling better, a lot better.

Why the Mizuno Hitogami 2's? 

I wanted to have a pair of "faster for me" shoes available when I finally get back to running faster and racing. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a these shoes, since I wasn't sure when that was going to happen, which meant that I was going to get something on the cheap.

I have always loved the yellow and black colorway on the Hitogami 2 and I knew that it was a little wider than the Hitogami 3's from trying them on back in the day and reviews online. It checked off the boxes I was looking for, although I was really tempted and actually would have preferred to get the Ronin 4's that were on Amazon, but for an extra $40, for a 4-5 year old shoe, I just couldn't do it.

Unfortunately, I do have some personal experience with the Hitogami line (I got a pair of Hitogami 3's for Christmas 2014) and returned them because they hurt my tailor's bunionette. That experience made wonder how the Hitogami 2's would work for me.
Christmas Mizuno Hitogami's 2014

However, I was enjoying the Mizuno's and wanted to really stay with one brand for a while - that  do something different for a change.

Enough why

Well the leg is feeling better and I figured as long as I wasn't too stoopid (I am working on not being quite as bad as I used to be), I could run decently in them. Not at race pace, but something closer to 8:00 for a couple of miles.

The first mile was to get to know the shoes, so it was slow and easy. I knew that they would not have the cushioning I have gotten used to, but they felt fast, even though I wasn't going fast. It take a little time to get things just so and adjust the stride to the new shoes.

The second mile I did a little more and then would back off, then pick it up again - not intervals, but not the slower running I ave been doing lately. I could tell I was getting tired because my left leg was slapping the ground a bit more than I like. Although I did pick it up pretty good that last part. I purposely shut it down and coasted to the end. The leg wasn't barking, but I was starting to feel the tightness that tells me that I wouldn't be running in the morning if I kept pushing.

I did have to adjust the laces and for a first, I had to tighten them up, usually I have to loosen things up. I have a feeling it will take a few more runs to get them just right, but I am not really liking the stock laces all that much. I am almost certain that I will stop at Dick's to get a set of LockLaces.

Running faster felt strange since I haven't done it for a while, things just felt out of sync and as much as I want to get back to it. I also know that it will take a while longer, before I start doing it regularly. Just to make sure I don't screw things up again.

The H2's felt good and it will be interesting to see how they do compared to the H3's which didn't.

Run #1 

Oh yeah, Bennie and I also did a 4.0 mile run this morning. Typical Bennie run. The Inspires did well as usual.

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