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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fun Day for a Run - RunLog 9-13-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Sometimes you just relax and run. It felt good to finally be able to do that again, the leg is not 100%, but it ain't talking nasty to me when I walk and when I run, it just is chilling...still a bit sore, but a reasonable degree of soreness.

It only opens one eye an glares at me when Coach Bennie decides it is time to pick-up the pace. You know that mild-mannered dawg that makes me run harder than I should, when he ain't resting and plotting how to break me yet again.

Butt really, Freudian slip there, it is the best the left leg has felt, since early May.

I just want to keep going in this direction and not re-injure it again, so the plan is to keep running in the 1-2 pace zones for at least the rest of September. I just have to remember to stay focused and not allow myself to go for it, even if things are feeling too good.

This morning's run was the routine Bennie run, although the Town Crew was cleaning out the ditch going down Steven's Hill and we hit the mile split in 8:32, without pushing.

It helped that the humidity was a lot lower this morning and the low 60's when we ran didn't hurt either. When I saw the mile split, I purposely slowed down and then before we got to the turn-around at Bartlett, I saw Bandit (the neighborhood beagle) wandering around loose and we turned about 100 yards earlier than usual, just to avoid the Bennie/Bandit confrontation.

Bennie and Bandit didn't see either and we just plugged along, back home. Lots of Bennie stops and when the Town truck left in front of us, Bennie went into 4-paw drive to haul my arse up the hill faster than I had planned.

Nice run.

Distance: 3.3
Time: 29:27
Pace: 8:55
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 11

I did get a pair of Mizuno Hitogami II's in the mail today, but I don't plan on even taking them out of the box until October or November. They will be my go faster shoes, not that my fast is going to be fast compared to too many others ;-).

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