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Monday, September 26, 2016

Gunshy Bennie - RunLog 9-26-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Bennie's least favorite time of year - hunting season. The weather might be great for running outside, but the guns of September started this morning...opening day of "duck" season. It started at 6:03 AM with a fusilade of 12 shots and then random 3-4 every so often until around 9:00.

Bennie turned into shakey baby and although we tried to do the first walk, about half-way down the driveway, we could hear the shots again and he wanted nothing to do with being outside and we headed back to the house.

I was raised in a hunting household, was a hunter for many years myself, so I understand the hunters and what they are out there doing. However, it does break my heart to see my little buddy be so scared by the noises he doesn't understand or like. Luckily, up here the gunshots only mean the opening day of another hunting season. In other parts of the Country, it seems as though they have a lot different meaning and a much more sinister one.

Especially, as we get closer to an election where there are really no winners based on the candidates who were chose by both all the political parties. It almost seems that outside forces and special interests are intent on influencing the election in the manner they believe will give them the best opportunity to move forward with their agendas and create more open divisions within our Nation.

So sad, at a time when we should be coming together, we are moving even further apart.

How was the run?

Once a truck went by us down by the Steven's, he was fine and turned into turbo Bennie who wanted to get it over with, but the old anchor at the other end of the leash, wasn't able to keep up and became...well the anchor. So there were 8 Bennie stops, some a lot longer than others and when the shooting started again down in the flat, he did pick it up a little again.

However the temps were such that it was a good run to have a couple of layers on and I didn't take my gloves off until we were done.

Overall, a pretty decent run, but at the same time I hope that those gunshots I continue to hear are simply hunters popping at critters, not humans shooting at humans.

It is time to come together and unite as a Country, because splintering into special interest groups that are doing their own thing is not working and plays into the hands of those who would like to bring us down to their level.

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