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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Learned a Lot this Week - Week In Review 9-11-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I remember and honor the memory of those who were murdered and all those who have lost their lives or had them drastically changed in the years since that horrific day. Every year I play this song by Alan Jackson - because it is personal and hurts too much to play it any other time.

I also refuse to stop doing what I do every day - that is my way to keep honoring those who can not.

I will always remember.

I learned a lot about my running this week, some of it I am pretty sure that I knew it in my subconscious or heart, but other things well let's just say that I can do things smahter when I know I have to and right now I have to.

#1 - I am learning that the Mizuno Inspire 11's are a shoe that I really like - A LOT! No they are not a perfect shoe, but they are a DAMN good daily trainer and I have run every run this month in them and plan to keep this up until I can run without discomfort in my friggin left leg. They just let me run and I don't worry about my feet hurting or anything else. I just wish that they had left them alone, but it seems like the Catalyst is pretty much the replacement for the 11's, not the Inspire 13's.

#2 - Yes, I can consistently run slower. Every run this week was a 1 on the pace chart, yeah I ran faster during some of Bennie's Interval training sessions, but the overall paces were all in the 9:00 to 9:30 range, which is where I wanted to be this week.

#3 - I do run differently when I wear/use a GPS device that I do run differently. I tend to put more pressure on myself to keep pushing the effort level to keep that damn end of run graph level and at the 8:20 pace range, even though I don't look at the device while running very often (mostly when the mile buzz goes off), otherwise I just run - although I do push a little harder. However, 8:20 is not the pace I need to run, until I get the left leg feeling better. When I wear my watch, I just go by effort level and don't really worry about the pace. I love GPS for letting know how far (or at least pretty close) I have and then gives me all that great data to look at after I am done, but I ran without it for damn near 40 years, so if I don't have it, having all that data is not a big deal.

#4 - Getting almost 25 miles in this week was more than I expected and even though the leg is still bothering more than I want to admit, not attempting to run sub 8:00's is working and it is starting to feel better -- slowly but surely.

#5 - Just because I am running on the treadmill does not mean that I automatically set the treadmill to 7.2 mph (8:20 pace). It is okay to start out slower 6.0 mph and then move up to 6.5 mph and keep it there - it is not a blow to my ego, it is just being smart.

I leave you with this

Yes, I still shed tears for what happened that day.

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