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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mini Vacation, Hiking and Run Streaking - Week In Review 9-18-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Last week was a very good week.

  1. We went over to Gorham, NH and got away from all the daily responsibilities of home. It was nice to walk, go for hikes, run a little, get back in a sauna, pool & hot tub (which seemed to help my pesky left leg). Yeah, I think the locals have had enough of tourists by now and were well cranky, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Although we will probably be looking for a new place to stay, our usual haunt is starting to get pretty tired looking.
  2. I have an 18 day running streak in tact, ummmm the week in review is on the 18th, so more than likely I have run all of September. It hasn't been bothering because my runs have mostly been Zone 1 or some slower Zone 2, nothing fast. You know right around that 9:00 minute pace thing.
  3. For the year I went over a 1,000 miles! Which back in June I thought was in serious jeopardy. Now to see if can creep up on that 1,500 mile goal that I had for this year. I had planned on doing less miles this year, but don't think I will get over the 1,500 mile goal, if I do it will be just barely.

  4. This week I made it up to 25 miles without the left leg killing me and I even got in a comfortable 5.0 miler on Sunday. As I said before, nothing really fast, but steady and consistent running is happening.

  5. I also continued my streak of only running in the Mizuno Inspire 11's, same streak as the running streak - 18 days. I did the 50 mile review and while I am very happy with the 11's so far, I am not going to get on the hype machine and say they are a great shoe. I am content that they are simply working well for me. They also did a pretty good job on some pretty nasty sections of trail too.

  6. Surprisingly, I got in a pair of Hitogami 2's and guess what, other than taking them out of the box to weigh and look at, I haven't even bothered to put them on. Until the left leg gets a lot better, they are going to stay in the closet. I can deal with the steady running right now, but speedwork kills the leg and sets me up for re-injury.

    So I will keep them in the box, in the closet and maybe sometime in late October/November get them out once a week to do some faster work.
  7. Added Bonus: The Patriots beat the Dolphins and Red Sox swept the Yankees, so all is right with the world. :-)

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