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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More Humid than I Thought - RunLog 9-14-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

When Bennie and I started out for our run, I was hopeful, it felt great outside. It was mid 60's, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the high humidity 82% until about half-way through the run. Then it just beat on me severely.

We started out easy and by the time we hit the first mile split, we did a 8:34 without trying and the a couple of vehicles went by, so we did pretty good heading towards the Town Office. Coming back, I thought that we had gone out a little too fast, so I slowed down on purpose. After we got by the bog, we had to pull over and let the big town truck go by.

At that point, I wiped my hand on my shirt and was shocked by how soaked it was. Not good! I know that I sweat decently, but not that way unless the humidity is pretty stoopid. So I decided to slow down quite a bit and not push the pace at all (even though the leg was feeling decent). Once I got back to Blake Hill, I could tell that the humidity was getting bad and I was definitely hurtin.

When we got back to Stevens Hill, I was just shuffling along, doing enough to keep it called running, but slower than molasses. I was just plodding along and my hat was raining sweat, which is alway an alarm bell for me and I don't push the pace at all when that starts to happen.

Of course, once we got on Howard Circle, Bennie decided to play sideways tug-o-war and I was too crispy to fight and just pulled him along, until he gave up and just started running again.

Distance: 4.06
Time: 37:24
Pace: 9:13
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 11

Remember yesterday I was saying that I got in a pair of Mizuno Hitogami 2's, well here is how much they weigh and look like.

and yes, that is a cat's arse in the photo - Elliott's

Here is the rest of him helping me weigh the new kicks.

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