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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nice Day for a Double Run - RunLog 9-22-16

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My first double-run in a few weeks, I have tried to be very conservative during September, but this afternoon for lunch, I just couldn't resist getting out on the road/trails at UMA again. It was probably the last warm day for a while almost 80*F and while it was too warm for a great run, I sure did work up a pretty good sweat.

This morning's run down-back

Run #1

Just a very typical run with Bennie, but it was in the 60's with low humidity so it was just about perfect weather for a run and still work up a decent amount of sweat. The town crew was working on the ditches at the top of Steven's Hill so Bennie was pretty meechy heading towards them.

Once we got past them he picked up the pace and then we had a steady pace pretty much to Bartlett. Coming back he was not as interested in going along and we had quite a few more stops that seemed to take a little longer than the ones going out.

I do like the Garmin stat of Overall (30:16) time vs moving time (29:44), it gives me an idea of how much time I lose when we did the 7 Bennie stops. Although I did slow down coming back up the hill as usual.

Run #2

I wanted to run. What can I say I love to run and wanted to get out this afternoon. One thing I do have to laugh about is that I forgot to pack my outer shorts. Yeah I am a bit of an old fogey and while I wear compression shorts every run (I hate chaffing and vaselines is so messy), I don't wear them alone - they are my underwear. Well I do keep a pair of spare shorts out in the truck and I needed to get to them, but didn't want to waste precious time during my lunch. I figured that a lot of the women runners this is all they wear and many triathletes - the same thing. So I went out to the truck with just my compression shorts on. Luckily, I didn't meet anyone ;-)

Once I finally got going, I didn't try to run fast, but I did run with a decent stride during the first mile while I was on the tar. However, once I hit the trails, I just automatically slowed down, but did better than I have for a while.

Then once I got back on the tar I picked it up again. Even so, my left leg started to not feel quite right, so I shut it down at 2.5, instead of just forcing myself to finish the full 5K that I had planned. See I can run smart sometimes and tonight instead of being miserable and knowing that I wasn't going to run tomorrow. Instead I feel petty good and am looking forward to a nice run tomorrow.

I have no idea of what the 3 stops on the graph are, because I never stopped during the run???

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