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Monday, September 5, 2016

No GPS and Relaxing Running - RunLog 9-5-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Sometimes you just gotta go down a different path and I have started the journey down it. This morning's run I left the GPS Watch at the house and just ran with my old Timex instead. So of course, I immediately screwed things up by not starting it correctly and didn't notice it until Bennie's first stop. Oh well.

It wasn't a big deal and it takes me about two minutes or less to get to where he stopped, so I just added on a couple minutes to the time. Speaking of stops, holy Batman, he had about 12 stops on this run, so we would just get going and it seemed that we were stopping again.

Well that is Coach Bennie's prerogative, but I would rather just run right along. I did notice that I wasn't worried about keeping a certain pace and just ran comfortably by effort.

We did see another runner, one of the guy's who has been working on his most of the summer, yelled hello (surprised the hell out of me), I waved and told him the house was looking great and at the top of Stevens Hill, a car went by and Bennie went into 4 paw drive, but that damn anchor behind him didn't speed up a whole lot and he was gasping and panting attempting to pull me faster.

The left leg was still angry after a 2 hour lawn mower workout yesterday, so I knew it was there the entire run, but it didn't get any worse, so I kept on plugging away. However, the lawn does look pretty good, so I guess it was worth it.

Distance: 3.3
Time: 29:51
Pace: 9:03
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 11

The Inspire's continue to inspire me to run well, couldn't resist. They are doing great down-back, just enough shoe to protect me from the worst, but not so much that I don't know what is under my feet and other than the Mizuno cavity in the heel (where I always get a rock stuck at some point), I haven't had any issues with rocks getting stuck in the outsole. So far they are doing what I want from my running shoe.

I finally finished up Green Angel Tower Part II, this is the third time I have read the complete series and it is one of those that I will keep and read again in 5-10 years, just something about it that I really like.

A good day so far and I am also half-way through The Way of the Runner - Japan, which I am finding very good. Just the usual - a lot of stuff going on and still getting the runs in.

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