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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rattle River Trail Hike - 9-15-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

We went on a mini vacation over to Gorham, NH and while I ran every day, we also did a bunch of 1-3 mile hikes. The next few posts are going to be more of a photo blog of each day's hike/run and all that other good stuff.

I did learn that while it was nice to be away, be active, that I ate like crap, now to get back to normal :-)

Here are a few of Thursday's photos:

This was just a quick hike to get a little time in the woods and make it late enough that we could check-in to the hotel.

Then we had a bit of go-round because we have Bennie with us and we didn't want the room at the bottom of the stairwell...Bennie wouldn't get a lick of sleep, so we wouldn't either. The front desk people were less than shall we say - enthusiastic with me. When we drove over to the rooms it looked like we were being put in a smoking room. Which is something that ain't happening, so I went back and complained.

It turned out that the no-smoking sign on the door is so faded it looked like a smoking room sign. Again, the front-desk people were less than impressed with me.

The room was fine, but that sign on the door is also a sign of how the Royalty Inn is starting to fade, lots of things are looking neglected, not quite up to the the standards they were just a couple of years ago and that maintenance/upgrades are being delayed or not done. It is sad, I loved staying here, but with the experience at check-in and the downward spiral that seems to be taking place throughout the hotel itself, we will probably look somewhere else the next time we go there.

Plus being treated as a bother because we choose to bring our dog, didn't endear them to my opening my wallet for them next time.

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