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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Validation of How I Run Without GPS - RunLog - 9-10-16

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It definitely got warm again today, by the time we finished our run this morning it was 78*F, but there was a nice breeze, so that helped a bit, but it was still closer to 80 than not - that to me is warm for running.

However, I did learn something, well more of a validation that I run differently when I run without a GPS device.

We started out easy, I am doing a pretty good job of not pushing the pace this week and just running to a certain level of effort. It was just starting to get warmer as we got started and the wind was in our face, so it was not really affecting me...yet. We went through the first mile in 9:06 and then once we got back down on Tiffany, it got hot and Bennie lost interest in the run. From the turn-around to the first little bump, we stopped 6 times for him to sniff, pee or poop, which tripled the number of stops all the way to the turn-around.

Then we stopped 4 more times before we finished, so it was one of those double-digit doggy stop runs, that don't really give you a chance to get a good stride going. Plus with the wind at our back, it got even warmer. I had thought about bumping it up to 4.0 miles, but by the end of the route, it was time to stop.

The biggest thing was that I was not thinking about the GPS results or that I was being tracked, like I did yesterday during that hot weather run, when I sped because I "knew" that my slowing down would be shown on the graph after I got done running. Today, I knew the only tracking would be the time it took me to finish the run.

Today's run was 20-30 seconds slower than others this week for the same distance, but I was still happy with the run with the number of Bennie stops and the hotter temps slowing us down.

After the run, I still needed a couple more hours on my feet mowing the lawn and after last week's experience (one I didn't want to repeat this week), I looked around for my white athletic tape to wrap my left leg. I have been thinking that maybe I need to give the leg a little extra support, especially for twisting and turning required of mowing the lawn.

So I did a taping job, similar to some that I found on YouTube this summer (I ran out of tape) and found out that it helped a lot, so I am going to tape my leg up first thing every morning and then after running or when I finally settle down for the evening take it off.

Today was a good run, mowing the lawn didn't destroy the leg and my tape job made a significant difference in my comfort level. Which gives me a little more to think about.

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  1. Glad the taping helps the legs!

    And it is funny how we cater to things like the GPS watch. I like having one, but I run in the dark and never look at it (actually I always page to the time so that is all I see). But one thing I remembered using the FR15 this week is that it has great 'instantaneous pacing', whereas the FR225 is crap because it has like a 15 second moving average so you never see a speed burst right as you run.


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